Spiritual creatures types

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spiritual creatures types

Spiritual creatures types
Post # 1
What are the different types of spiritual creatures such as demons evil ghosts lost spirits haunting spirits spirits of known and unknown souls spirits u see spirits in dreams
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Re: Spiritual creatures types
Post # 2
You are asking a bit of an overly specialized question but to put it simple spiritual beings are essentially as diverse in nature and personality as humans are, trying to classify them all would take someone there entire life.

Closest I got to knowing there classification is something along these lines:
- Emotion based(lust, rage, fear, love, care/concern, etc.)

- Alignment/quirk based(good, evil, liars, loyal, naive, curious, helpful, greedy, etc.)

- Social interaction based(Introvert(mostly solo or with one or two spirits as company, rarely make contact with humans, can be aggressive if they feel/think you are a threat to them or there companions, if lasting contact is made they are extremely loyal. WARNING: Can be parasitic by nature, I should know I have one of those attached to myself(although its of my free choice and it actually helps me in control and protection department)), Extrovert(Highly social, tend to move in large groups/swarms, often have swarm consciousness, fairly easy to contact but extremely hard to control, long-term contact/contract are rare and very unstable, they are rarely parasitic in nature but they do tend to be rather hostile to those they don`t feel aligned with. WARNING: They tend to posses locations with strong spiritual presence(while this is something that is done by just about any spiritual being this type is specially hard to deal with as there is always extremely large number of them), they generally don't go for individuals because a single magick user or a human for that just dont have enough energy to feed entire swarm/paack/group), and then there are Ambiverts(they are basically somewhere in between the previous two categories and are, at least in group of S.I. classification most commonly contacted and worked with)
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