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Post # 1
1. Morning (Welcoming the Sun) Rituals & Prayers?

2. Night (Welcoming the Moon) Rituals & Prayers?

3. Offerings to my deities?

4. Crafting ideas?

FYI: I'm a practicing Pagan living with three roommates and my boyfriend. I worry about offerings because there's several animals in the house that have access to my room. Should I preform rituals & spells outside or inside? I have an altar in my room, but lighting incense and candles or using oil warmers and wax burners for too long in the enclosed space gives me a headache and the same for my boyfriend.

I have the window open, with two fans, but the scents still sometimes make me sick or disoriented. Yet, I love the smells! Sad, huh? Oh well. I also want to begin crafting things for myself and possibly selling my creations on Esty. I constantly search for more information into the Pagan lifestyle, but I would love some advice from the fellow Pagans here. :)

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Re: Questions!
Post # 2

Here are some websites that can redirect you to for morning/evening prayers and more. These were done in quick searches on google.

Morning Prayers

  • (Pagan Morning Prayer)
  • Evening Prayers

  • 2. Offerings to my deities?

    It depends on who your deity is, which you've told us nothing about.

    3. Crafting ideas?

    It also depends on what you want to craft and what you will use it for. We need more info :)

    As for the offerings, perhaps you could shut off access to those animals if possible? If you are unable to do that, you could always eat the offering in honor of the diety.

    You could also have a set time on how long the incense and oils will stay lit. Once that time is up, put them out.

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    Re: Questions!
    Post # 3
    I honor one God and four Goddesses (depending on the spell/ritual/season) which are Hades, Demeter, Persephone, Selene and Nyx. :)

    As for the crafting, I was thinking of making candles and loose incense that I could hopefully use for my own and then possibly sell in the future on Esty.

    As for the offerings, would it be acceptable to use water for an offering? Pour the water during my rituals and then give the water back to my plants? Or perhaps burying scraps of food in the ground?

    I'll start using my candles and incense outside, but thank you for all your advice.
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    Re: Questions!
    Post # 4

    I don't know much about greek deities, as I am a Norse Pagan. But here are a few websites I found on google that can hopefully help you out! :)


    As far as my ideas go on your crafting, you could etch in designs on the candles. Since you honor mainly greek deities, maybe some meaningful words in greek such as love, strength, faith, ect.

    With the offerings, that is actually a great idea! I know it's quite common to bury the offerings, giving it back to the earth.

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