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Teach me what you know
Post # 1
As it says on my profile, I want to know more about magick so a can decide if I really want to get into it. I mean, I want to but part of me is afraid to because of all the rumours and stuff. So just quickly: I always figured magick existed in some way shape or form, I have attempted spells myself and written some of my own food confirmation and experiments to see if it's real, and most of them have worked. I believe magick is a form of hope or a guide to a path. I'm not a witch but I believe in magick, mainly for the good reasons. I am interested in the healing, natural and dream spells, possibly love spells, but never casted one (or maybe I had a few years ago, no idea to be honest)

So my questions are:
- how did you get into magick?
- what magick are you into?
- what spell/s mainly work for you?
- what is magic to you?
- how was you convinced magick does/doesn't exist?
You don't have to answer all, I just wanna know what people think, I think it may help my judgement even more on magick since I'm the only person I know who even believes in it.
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Re: Teach me what you know
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Well,first of all, a spell is not magic. A spell is performing a ritual trying to get a magic result.
Is magic real? Oh, yes, it is! There is a lot of nonsense talked and written about magic. Most of it untrue! But there is real magic, and it can be demonstrated. I have used magic all my life; but I do not have a wand, I do not wear robes, I do not worship any Gods or Goddesses.There is nothing supernatural about magic. It is as natural as breathing!
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