Question about leylines

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Question about leylines
Post # 1
I heard that leylines are geographical lines of subtle energy.I noticed that the major points of intersection are obviously Stonehenge, pyramid's of giza, tikal. Is there a corrolation to the mayans, egyptians and celts advanced society and architectural brilliance and enlightened thinkings? Can subtle energy impact life that drastically?
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Re: Question about leylines
Post # 2
From what I've heard, the great ley line intersection spots such as Stonehenge are on what are considered the earth's chakras. The earth, as it is a massive, living creature of its own, is said to have chakras and a kundalini just as humans do.

We used to be in much greater harmony with the earth than we are now, and the mass human consciousness shared information with the smaller individual groups of people all over the planet, so the ancients are said to plant their great structures on these specific spots because of this.

Just food for thought.
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Re: Question about leylines
Post # 3
I don't believe that the ley lines directly influenced the art and culture of these areas. There are many advanced cultures that didn't rise up around ley line areas! However as was stated many were attracted to these areas and took advantage of these deep earth energies. Stone Henge and the Pyramids were designed with some mystical purpose.
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Re: Question about leylines
Post # 4

There are certainly enough prehistoric sites in the world to play dot to dot with. I think the location of ley lines and the advancement of the civilisation is purely coincidence; you could join up all the bus stations in England and you will probably find the same statistical probability as ley lines.

However, if you pour a lot of energy into creating something on such a large scale like with the Pyramids, a lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into that ground. Surely that marks that ground as something special.

I suppose it depends what you think came first, the ley lines or the buildings. Personally, I'm skeptical.

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