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Post # 1
I have noticed that there are many types of witches, like some who don't do magic. Also Wiccans, Pagans, etc. I would like to know what are all the types of witches? Do you have to do spells to be a witch?

Thank you!
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Re: Witches
Post # 2

You don't have to be a witch to do spells. You can make your path into anything you want it to. You could believe in a whole bunch of dieties or believe in none and still do spells.

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Re: Witches
Post # 3
What I meant was, do you have to do spells to be a witch, not do you have to be a witch to do spells. But thank you anyway.
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Re: Witches
By: / Novice
Post # 4

You do not have to do spells in order to be a witch.

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Re: Witches
Post # 5
The word witch generally means wise however dogma and the like have turned it into a negative aspect word. So witchcraft means craft of the wise. If you wonder at the purpose of life or you feel attuned to nature or any concept of spirituality you are in a sense a witch. Wicca is a religious path. There are many such paths that value and teach spiritual aspects but you don't need to be religious to be wise or spiritual. You can also practice magick outside of religion.
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Re: Witches
Post # 6
Okay thank you everyone!
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Re: Witches
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Strictly speaking, a witch is a person who uses witchcraft. The word stems from old English. Witchcraft is what it says it is, a Craft! It is the use of natural magic; and so has no religious significance. And, it is international, with different names of course! That doesn't mean that witches do not have a spiritual side, many of them do! But it really means that you may follow any religion, or none at all, and still be a witch! But, and this is important, many people claim to be witches who are not witches at all! A real witch practices witchcraft. That's it!
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Re: Witches
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
This really depends on who you ask and what you mean by the terms.

A witch is someone who practices witchcraft. Witchcraft is the use of magick and can be found in any religion. A big part of modern witchcraft generally is spell work, but that isn't all of it. Witches also use chants, drumming, energy work, prayers, herbalism and etc. What a witches uses is based on personal preference and even religion.

A Wiccan is a member of the religion of Wicca. Wicca steams from European witchcraft roots so it does heavily incorporate witchcraft practices, including the use of spells. However, you do not have to do any form of witchcraft to be a Wiccan. This is because it is a religion and the most important thing with that would be belief in the afterlife, deity and other spiritual concepts. Though lots of books will call Wicca the religion of the Witches and even use the terms interchangeably, it is often considered politically incorrect now a days to do so.

Paganism is an umbrella term used to class many religions that are generally earth centered. Wicca falls under it. Therefore a Wiccan can also be called a Pagan....but not all Pagans will be Wiccan. Several other religions fall under this term such as Asatru (following the Norse gods), Druidry, Hellenism (following the Greek gods) and others. Some pagans practice witchcraft but a lot also do not. Its a personal decision.

Okay, now for the types of witchcraft. Sometimes these terms will apply to paths in Wicca as well, but they are based on how one practices their witchcraft and even what deities they may worship/honor.

-Green Witchcraft-
Relates to their connection with the Earth and its seasons. Herbalism and gardening are seen as big parts of the practice.

-Kitchen Witchcraft-
Witchcraft in the kitchen! Herbalism is big especially with the use of spices in meals. Hearth magick and lore is common.

-Hedge Witchcraft-
A mix of general witchcraft with Shamanistic practices. Some even say this is similar to green witchcraft while others say it ties in some kitchen witchcraft. Opinions on what this exactly is differ greatly.

-Dianic Witchcraft-
This is actually a form of Wicca that puts more emphasis on the Goddess than the God. Some covens are even female only.

-Elemental Witchcraft-
Magickal practices are highly tied into the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They use the elements themselves or items who correspond to the elements used in their workings.

-Ceremonial Witchcraft-
The use of elaborate spiritual rituals that have to be done a set way. Specific tools and robes are often required. Quabbalistic magick and practices are incorporated by many.

-Eclectic Witchcraft-
The most common form. Its all those who takes bits and pieces from different traditions and use what feels right to them. Literally combining things until you have your own path.

For more info on types of witchcraft check out the following links:
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Re: Witches
Post # 9
Some witches do spells, some do not. Some witches are wiccan, but all wiccans are pagan.

Spells are a goal, and the belief that lets magic manifest. So you don't need to be a witch!
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Re: Witches
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Craw, Wiccans are pagan, the saying is all Wiccans are witches but not all witches are Wiccan. Pagan/paganism is just the term. Though, I guess you could argue Wiccans aren't pagan since some identify as 'pagan' instead of 'witch'.

As many people have explained better than I, there's so any different paths so it's hard to define, but it's all basically names. I find the only thing they all share is a pursuit of knowledge. Not all cast spells or believe in the divine.
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