What is a witch goddess?

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What is a witch goddess?
Post # 1
I've read a lot about witchcraft and books about pagan deities. I see the term "witch goddess" and I take that to mean a feminine spirit who historically helped people do magic. We have Hecate of course, and Callieach, Cerridwen, and Morrigan from the Celtic/Welsh pantheon. But can't witches call on most any deity for assistance? Yahweh and the Angels help ceremonial magicians, and according to legend he helped a famous magician walk on water and turn water into wine. What makes some gods better for this than others? Also, which deities and spirits do you think are good choices to commune with if working magic?
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Re: What is a witch goddess?
Post # 2

Witches and anyone else who don't define themselves by that term can call on any deity to work with them. It doesn't even have to be a deity that relates to magick. `

Depending on the intent of said magick, it depends on what deity to work with. I work heavily with Aphrodite, so what do you think I work with? Love and love related things. If you want to work with, say, necromantic attributes, work with Hades. If you strictly want to just stick with Hekate or Morrigan, than no one is stopping you.

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Re: What is a witch goddess?
Post # 3

Witchcraft is a secular practice. It has no 'Deity' ties, whilst there are Gods and Such that preside over Magic, like the Simbi Family of the Lwa (Loa). So the option of including Deities and or Spirits into your works is entirely up to you.

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Re: What is a witch goddess?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
When you come across "witch goddess" it really depends on where you are finding it. There are a lot of older books on Wicca that just use the terms witch and witchcraft instead of Wicca or Wiccan. In some of these books, they are referring to the triple goddess concept within the religion. That is a goddess deity that is seen as the following: maiden, mother and crone. Many times these materials will class different goddesses from several cultures as fitting into these three categories. So in this sense, yes any goddess can be called upon. That is because many Wiccans see all the goddesses from ancient times as just different aspects of the one different faces of the same person. Some Wiccans and Witches will find a particular goddess to work with as their main face of the goddess that they connect well with. For me that would be Danu from the Celtic traditions. Research all the goddesses you can and see if you connect to one yourself.

The only other reference I know of involving a witch goddess is related to Aradia or Diana. This is mostly with older traditional branches of Wicca and relates to a book called "Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches" from 1899. However, it isn't commonly discussed much in the more modern traditions or books.
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Re: What is a witch goddess?
Post # 5
Thanks all for the replies :)
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