wisteria runes

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wisteria runes
Post # 1
a friend of mine is just starting witch craft and has expressed really wanting to get into rune work. im mentoring her a bit because i have been practicing longer and her birthday is coming up so i am planing on making her some. unfortunately i live in an apartment complex so i cant go and cut a branch for wood, but i do have some wisteria vines i rescued from bonaventure cemetery when they pruned. ive read that fruiting trees are the way to go for wooden runes, but i would like to ask if useing this wisteria would still work?
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Re: wisteria runes
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: wisteria runes
Post # 3

As long as it means it will to you dear then yes, runes do typically come made from wood but you can also buy gemstone runes, magnetic runes and others. My runes are cut from a maple leaf tree, and in which case the wood is dead anyway. Much in the same way the wisteria will be, but it will be just as effective as any others. It's always a good practise too, to ask permission from the tree/bush you have plucked the branches from first.

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Re: wisteria runes
Post # 4
thank you!

the wisteria vines and i had a good relationship. i often went to the cemetery to draw it and talk to the bees that came to its flowers, i was devastated that they cut it down. i feel its happy to becomes something new but i was not going to risk giving my beginner friends something bad
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Re: wisteria runes
By: / Novice
Post # 5

of course! any plant you have a connection to will work.

If the wisteria is too brittle, or not thick enough, you can consider using the seeds as they are flat.

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