The Four Schools Summary

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The Four Schools Summary
Post # 1
The 'four schhools' is an attempt to describe some of the content learned in the occult. It is not quite a pantheon, nor is it a be all end all guide to classifying it. There will be later posts describing each 'school' more in depth later on.

The first school, Starling, refers to the energy of the cosmos; planets, constellations, ect. Potent magic for those drawn to such things. The basics found in all practices are found here, as each school may have its own special way to shield, or ground energies. Example- a starling may favor the night life if their shield depends on moonlight, or vice-versa. Using the warmth of the suns rays as an automatic shield is not uncommon to starlings.

The next school ( as they are not numbered), is that of Elemental. These crafty people are usually quite good with their hands, or their own grip of the elements( their bodies). They can be known to live long healthy lives, simply for their reverence regarding nature and the elements. They understand respect goes as far as is needed, and of course, they are obliged by the very elements themselves.

Next is the school of Namers. These are not a large class, but are equally important, for they are the truth seekers. A lifetime in their shoes would allow them to gleam fact from fiction with little effort from outside influences. Also, they are called namers for their uncanny ability to guess ones name. There are namers who are called prophets, for they see visions of truth. Others are called witches, for their words seem to hex others with ease. And yet some, can do none of that, but can tell the nature of a person literally at first sight. Needless to say they are never wrong.

The final school, that of Necromancy, is pretty well known as Communion with non-living beings. Expanding on this base, they seem to manipulate the force that lives and dies things. Necros are known to breathe life into dying plants, or suck decay from wounds. Often believed to deal exclusively with demons, they are often outed as negative beings, but this is simply not the case.

Each of these classes retains their own method of the basics; shielding, grounding, centering. No one way is better than the next, as they are equally potent. Furthermore, having traits or skills resembling that of one of the four, does not classify you as such, nor does it validate your so called 'power'. These are merely descriptions. Blessed, we.
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Re: The Four Schools Summary
Post # 2
An acceptable analogy, putting the content that is learned in the occult and separate into "schools". Good post, I enjoyed reading and looking forward to future posts.
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Re: The Four Schools Summary
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Interesting concept. I don't agree with your divisions here as I think that they are both too restrictive and too broad, but if that is your personal vision of how magic is organized and it works for you then it works for you.

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Re: The Four Schools Summary
Post # 4
I agree with Lark. I think you have made a good attempt to explain but the world is not as easily classifiable as just to put them into four categories, are we talking about wicca specifically or are you speaking for all types from the occult?
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