please give me advice

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please give me advice
Post # 1
THIS IS REALLY LONG. But please bare with me because I need some help to decided

I have massive feelings towards someone whom I just met recently, out first weeks gone really well, and I believe our feelings grew. We were happy until all of a sudden he decided to end what we have, he said he can't love me cause he's closed off, which confused me a lot cause he once told me he thinks he loves me. And please don't just me I love him, it's not too long ago but I do love him.

I was with someoene for years but didn't feel the same way that I feel with this new man that I just met recently. He have a lot of struggles, a lot of his friends broke up with their partners, and they pretty much opened up to him and told him how they lost faith in relationship and everything. And before that he had a really bad break that Caused him a lot of pain aswell, physical, mental and emotional. He lost faith in love, in everything. He pushed me away... But I kept insisting at first. Cause I believe in him, I have faith in us.

I'm sure he have feelings for me but he is surrounded by negativity, he is a very lovely person. And it hurts me to see him like this. I don't talk to him anymore, which kills me more cause I really care about him. He's got a very tiny mental problem( not that serous If taken care of) he closed him heart into evrything, not just by his own experience but also because his friend are pretty much telling him the same thing base on their exprience

I want to cast a spell on him, to melt his heart, and make him feel again, this is not just for my own good, but also for him. But at the same time in afraid that if I do cast a spell on him itll be force. I once told him that I believe in magick and told him " do you want me to enchant you" and he said " you can if you want, but to let you know I'm already enchanted to you" is that mean he was giving me his free will.

Please help me decide, thank you so much
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Re: please give me advice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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