Seeing Snakes

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Seeing Snakes
Post # 1
Recently in one of my English classes I began talking to this girl (lets call her S), who I usually don't talk to since were in different friend groups.
Anyway, in class we were talking about curses, superstitions, premonitions and etc when S started telling me that since she was a little girl she always saw snakes and they would usually attack or bite her.

When She told her family of what she was seeing they immediately took her to a Muslim Priest( I'm sorry, I don't know how to translate/spell the actual word for it). S says that after this it got better but to this very day she still sees snakes occasionally and that they still attack her.
S has developed a great dislike of snakes due to this and believes she might have been cursed or something of the sort.

I'm not sure if this is important or not but i'll add it anyway: when S was older her Aunt was complimenting S's long legs without saying Mashala( sorry its probably spelled wrong as well! but its a prayer used when complimenting someone so that nothing bad happens) and when S went to walk away she fell and broke her leg.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips/advice they could offer on why she is seeing snakes, it got me really curious and wanted to know what others thought. Thank you for taking the time to read this or comment advice/help! Blessed be!
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Re: Seeing Snakes
Post # 2
If she feels like she has been cursed, I would recommend doing a cleansing ritual or a spell to remove a curse. Just make sure that she is okay with it and present when you are doing it.
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Re: Seeing Snakes
Post # 3

First thing is first, I don't think people understand how serious snake bites are. They puncture almost to the bone, depending on what type of snake it is. I can understand her fear of snakes.

I don't think she is cursed, really. Again, yes, if she feels like she is, cleanse her with her permission. Burn sage, rosemary, have her drink slightly salty water, any of that stuff.

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