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Demon Question Help!
Post # 1
A friend of mine is currently being influenced by a Demon, not by anything of her doing but through a backfire Astral Projection trial. I was able to summon upon the Gods/Goddess of Ancient Egypt, my personal worshiping Pantheon, and removed the Demon from her body but brought it out and into the physical plane. Not it is actually harming her, I have seen it do so causing scratches and bruises--even changing her eyes. No matter what we try it doesn't seem to budge--does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you and Blessed Be!

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 2
Strong demon. But you cant summon a god. I know a way message me to know more.

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 3
I can't say that I have had the experience that you are describing. However the first thing that came to my mind is that you need to banish the spirit now using a banishing spell.

For your friends more immediate protection I think that you should suggest a protection bath. I have a recipe from a source that I have found reliable in many things. The recipe is simple. Just take an herbal bath made with 3 parts rosemary, 2 parts frankincense, 1 part lavender. That means prepare the herbs using your personal energy and place them in a white colored sachet allowing them to steep in the bath water. The bath should be taken each day to ward off all kinds of attacks including spiritual, physical, and psychological.

I hope this suggestion helps. It all sounds very frustrating to me. I would be burning frankincense and sage consistently myself.

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 4
Fight it

Re: Demon Question Help!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Sounds to me more like something out of a bad novel. Remember that role-playing is not permitted on this site.

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 6
Just do something about it... Call some professional

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 7
Lark, please believe me when I say that this is true. I would not make up such craziness lightly. If I could I would post pictures of the scratch marks for viewing. I honestly believe I have a serious problem and honestly do think we need serious help.

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 8
You need to fight it with another demon....
But not summoning one.
One that as a body in this realm.
Like a powerful. Halfdemon or maybe
If you know any powerful wizards....
Or something.
Then the protection bath both you and ur friend.
I would only use the church as ur last resort cause more times than not it will piss the demon of more.
You did a pretty good job that by forceing it out of your friend

Cause your friend trespasses on the demons plan
And then you forced it out of her.
So now one pissed of demon.

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 9
That is stupid to let another demon get rid of the other one....i say take action yourself.

Re: Demon Question Help!
Post # 10
have you tried calling a priest to do an excersium?

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