Scrying questions

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Scrying questions
Post # 1
Ok I have a few questions about my experiences scrying 1: when I uses my black mirror i say the name of place or person and push my energy into the mirror everything goes black and i see the subject for about 10 sec, how can i make the visions last longer ,more energy/concentration or am i doing it wrong?
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Re: Scrying questions
Post # 2
From what i know, it takes a while to get the art of scrying down. Although the fact that you are already starting see waht you wish to while scrying is a good thing. What is the process in which you scry? I have found that meditating before hand works well, it helps to prepare the mind for it.
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Re: Scrying questions
Post # 3
A trance state needs to be reached prior to scrying, intensely staring at the mirror along with rhythmical breathing coupled with mental repetition of the what you are trying to scry.

There is also a type of yoga in which the eyes are trained to remain fixed on an object without blinking, this is also an advantage to scrying- I forget the sanskrit term now.

Other than that, it really is a case of practice makes perfect.
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Re: Scrying questions
Post # 4
what does it mean that I am getting images of the people I look for right of the bat ?
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Re: Scrying questions
Post # 5
You are accessing your subconscious mind fairly instantaneously. In my opinion, a scrying mirror is merely a medium for you to project your consciousness on to, stirring the subconscious and projecting this on t a medium will cause the perception of various images.

Some will argue this has use alone, others will state this is a preliminary step to accessing something greater, which for the sake of ease, could be labelled 'the collective unconscious'.

Really and truly, I don't know your experience, your technique, your history of practices, and can't comment on what you are doing, or even what you are experiencing. I think what matters is, you are experiencing something, over time these experiences may change. Why something is occurring should matter little to you.

I say this because, magical practitioners do not agree on anything. One person's explanation will not be another persons. Carry on and see what explanation seems fitting for you.
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