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Meditation ..
Post # 1
I tried doing some meditation last night at almost midnight following instructions from one of the websites I found discussing meditation for magick. I don't know but in the middle of doing the meditation I started to feel a little scared with thoughts of possible harmful influences that may harm me but I tried to calm myself down and think of nothing.
I started to just visualise myself lying on my bed inside my room and thought that I have nothing to fear about because I know that there would be guardians to protect me still thoughts of demons and evil forces started to get to me. I am not sure if it's because I started thinking of evil forces that I started to see a black mist hovering my body and it got me scared again. I focused myself in visualising that the black mist would go away to no avail. I then just let myself allow the thoughts to come telling myself that there is nothing to be scared of. All of a sudden I started to see traces of pink light just above my heart which started to spread out pushing away the black mist hovering my body. I started to visualise inhaling traces of the light and can almost see it running through my veins spreading through my whole body. Also, I felt different as my mind was flooded with thoughts of goodness, kindness, passion, love, relationship, and lots of other positive feelings. Then, after a few minutes I let the energy flow out of my body and into the ground leaving me with positive feelings.

I believe that it was successful for my first try but I'm wondering if there are other things you guys might suggest. Also, before doing the meditation it was mentioned in the instructions to imagine a white light or any other colors that I may want. I would have thought of colors like blue or green perhaps but definitely not pink. Is there any particular reason for that? I would like to try it again tonight though so I would really appreciate anything you may can suggest that I can try.
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Re: Meditation ..
Post # 2
When it comes to meditaion dont be scared of any so called dark forces. Its just simple meditation and nothing can harm you while u meditate. Meditating is a simple clearing of the soul and mind and making all your auras be in order. Nothing can harm you if its just meditation.
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