Breaking a bond

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Breaking a bond
Post # 1
I'm in need of serious help immediately. I've heard of a breaking a thread between two ppl. I want to break my connection to this person. I don't care about them, I've ignored this person. However, doesn't matter he shows up everywhere I go, just to put me sudden. Please help. Blessed be brother's and sister's.
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Re: Breaking a bond
Post # 2
Well, you could do a 'bond' breaking ritual :)

I made one a while ago, due to a similar circumstance.

What I did was put to candles out.One to represent me, and one to represent the other person. I ties a thread to each of the candles, connecting them. Then, I lit them, and affirmed who they represented/ You can carve their name and yours into the candles if you'd like.
Then, I lit the candles. If you would like, you can do something like a banishing chant to empower the spell, but it really is up to you. Something like
"With this blade I now sever
all our ties now and forever."

Should work. Cut the thread and imagine the person leaving your life. Something more powerful could be used, but this worked for me :)

You can add herbs, colors, and all sorts of things to make it fit your specific situation as well. Good luck!
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Re: Breaking a bond
Post # 3
Want to end a bond? Simple, take two objects that represent you and the other person, take a cord and tie the ends to each object, change the cord with 'the bond' and take a pair of scissors and cut the cord in half and throw the other half (Not yours) away, preferably into the trash, ocean, woods...doesn't matter as long as it is far away from you.
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Re: Breaking a bond
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Cord magick is great for this. You don't necessarily need two things. Only a good rope. Make one knot on each end declaring one your name and the other as the person you wish to separate from. Then hold the middle over a black candle's flame and as the rope snaps, visualize the bond disintegrate. Then bury your knot and throw the other knot into moving water (that flows away from you) or travel to a place you will never go back to and bury it there. Since you will be tossing the rope into nature, be sure that it is made of natural materials so that it is friendly to the environment.
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Re: Breaking a bond
Post # 5
How do I break a bond between my ex and his current girlfriend so I can do a love spell on him to bring him back to his family
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Re: Breaking a bond
Post # 6
I'm curious how to beak a bond between my husband n his controlling n meddling sister an cousin
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