Transformation for all

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Transformation for all
Post # 1
Transformation magick a controversial subject on this wonderful website to be sure but why lock out anybody who discuss this study alot of people call people like me "fluff" but why don't deserve at least a chance after all most times the only excuse I hear for this dismissed as fake is because magic is supposedly a force of nature but personally I was taught it revolved around gods and goddesses so wouldn't these file under spiritual forces also if this is a natural force than transforming into a spirit animal for example would be possible because wolves for example exist on earth another reason why this is supposedly impossible is our D.N.A is not subject to change well retroviruses work by killing one gene and replacing it with the viruses hence it transmits and gene therapy is now already being done already where scientists can actually change cancer cells but it I still expensive and experimental but if such things exist why can't they be replicated in a spell or ritual and the lastly even patrarch even has a spells to change your body to some extent furthermore how do you explain over 100 spells associated to transformation and swearing by it's success and the supposed methods to transform to extent such as biokinesis I feel like I have hard proof but hey give your points and counterpoints below I felt I needed to get this off my chest and message me personally if you want a detailed conversation about this.

Re: Transformation for all
Post # 2
It's good you give your opinion on this matter. But you have to admit that if someone grew horns or changed his/her gender that it would be world wide news. And I never heard of someone that grew horns. I'm sorry to be the one saying this, but it's simply goes against the laws of nature.

Re: Transformation for all
Post # 3
Actually that is a good point but look up cutaneous horns or subcutaneous horns these are theorized to be caused by radiation but scientists are still baffled and who is to say these aren't the result of a curse of spell

Re: Transformation for all
Post # 4
hmm... interesting

i kind of agree with magikmatty3
all magick deserves a chance
and... his proof is almost as solid as a stone (if you know what i mean)
and mods... dont gag me
i'm just giving my opinion (i've been gagged once for... agreeing with a post that was similar to this one)

Re: Transformation for all
Post # 5
and one more thing... I've heard about an old woman that has/had (i don't know if she is still alive) horns... i cant remember where i read/heard about it though...

Re: Transformation for all
Post # 6
Also myth tells about selkies, woman who could transform into seals. There was a skeleton found of human with the really wide tail of a fish.

Re: Transformation for all
Post # 7
And changing genders is nothing new doctors have preformed gender reassignment surgery for years and like I mentioned in my post if this is possible for doctors to do then why is it impossible for a ritual to do it besides since these sexual reassignments are happening every day then it would be plausible that people who do there surgery with a spell would just fall between the cracks and just took as anyone who did it normally boy or girl.

Re: Transformation for all
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
You may believe whatever you wish. But a belief does not make it true. Do you believe that you can transform? Grow wings? Grow horns? Turn into seals? Carry on! Do it!

Re: Transformation for all
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Total gender alteration via medical processes are exceedingly rare due to the potential complications in the surgeries. Beyond this, extensive hormone therapy is also utilized that makes most of the changes of the course of years.

A doctor is able to do this by artificially introducing hormones and actually performing surgery. No ritual will artificially introduce hormones or perform surgery, unless that ritual actually involves someone with a medical degree capable of performing such surgery. Good luck with that.

The development of horns and the like is not theorized by anyone of repute to actually be caused by radiation. It is the result of genetic anomaly that typically causes skin to form in horn-like protrusions. The composition of such tissue is not unlike callous, and is frequently irregularly proportioned on the individuals afflicted with such issues due to the somewhat random genetic disposition. More rarely, such afflictions are the result of genetic abnormalities involving bone growth. Both instances are frequently uncomfortable at best, and more often very painful. This has nothing to do with magic, at all, except that magic does not actually cause genetic alterations that would be responsible for this.

Some paths of magical study believe that magic stems from deity worship. Deity worship once also involved human sacrifice so that the sun would continue to rise, fair weather would be had for crops, sailing, and other matters, and also attributed all sorts of natural disasters and events to the whims of the gods. Earthquakes, volcanoes, however, are not the influence of the gods but rather the result of tectonic plate movement. Weather is the result of atmospheric condition. And the sun rises and falls because of the rotation of the earth, with the seasons being the result of the tilt of the earth's axis and its revolution around the sun. All of which, interestingly, have nothing to do with the gods. Pray all you like, believe whatever you like, that doesn't mean any god is going to show up and create genetic mutations to give you wings or horns.

There are over 100 spells associated with transformation on this site. Interestingly, the site also benevolently allows children with active imaginations to create such spells with no knowledge of magic, and/or a deep interest in roleplay, anime, and fantasy. You'll also note that many of such spells are listed under "fantasy spells." Fantasy being the opposite of reality. They can then swear by the spells all they like. That doesn't mean that they're real. That means that the spells were endorsed by fellow kids and bored adults with over active imaginations, intentions to roleplay, and too much time on their hands. This is by no means proof of anything.

Nothing you offer is really any hard proof. For example, you write:
"Also if this is a natural force than transforming into a spirit animal for example would be possible because wolves for example exist on earth"

What does wolves existing on earth have to do with transformation into a spirit animal? Absolutely nothing. There is no logical connection between the two. Wolves exist because their ancestors evolved into their modern form. This has nothing to do with believe in gods and goddesses, magic, or your desire to transform. Nor, for that matter, does it have anything to do with spirit animals other than the fact some people feel a connection to wolves and claim that a wolf is their spirit animal.

Rather than spending so much time arguing that your beliefs are valid, I suggest you instead spend more time developing your grammar and rational thinking skills.

Re: Transformation for all
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
One only has to read Mathew's profile! It's a hoot!

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