scrying concern

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> scrying concern

scrying concern
Post # 1
Every time I scry for a vison I see a coiling snake before the vison. What does it mean? Is it normal?
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Re: scrying concern
Post # 2
Snakes are often portrayed as bad omens. It may be pointing towards a bad thing coming soon.
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Re: scrying concern
Post # 3
On a more positive note. Serpents tend to be deities of wisdom and or fertility. (Usually when portrayed as water serpents or with an egg are they associated with fertility) Now it all depends on how you feel when you see this snake and exactly what species it is.. But from your description of it being "coiled" I would see it as a guardian, or keeper of knowledge. Perhaps it is a spirit guide or a totem of some sort. But without further description and delving I can not know for sure. The fact you are seeking knowledge (scrying) and the first thing you see is a coiled serpent. I think it's safe to say it's a guardian (or keeper) of that knowledge.
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Re: scrying concern
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Coiling snake? Coiling how?

Kundalini is commonly seen as a snake.

There is still a very very common symbol of a snake climbing a pole that you will see in every hospital in America. It is an ancient symbol of health, medicine, and healing.

In Egypt the cobra especially is very significant, but if it isn't a cobra then it probably has nothing to do with it.

Snakes being "bad" or "evil" is a Christian concept that has permeated and tainted our society's way of thinking. Unless you yourself had a foreboding feeling when seeing this snake, I would not concern yourself with the stereotype created to drag pagan gods through the mud.

And the simplest answer could be that it is your associated animal aka "fetch" aka "spirit animal" therefore it is apart of you, likely the part that you tap into when scrying.
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