Looking for a Love Spell

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Looking for a Love Spell
Post # 1
Hello! I'm fairly new to casting, and am attempting to find a love spell that will work for my needs. I've done a few in the past but they've felt hollow, I'm assuming due to lack of concentration and lack of faith in my ability. I have a signature of my intended, know him in person, and have talked to him on a few occasions. I just don't know how to go about doing a candle spell and incorporating my personal item of his. Anyone who has any spells that actually work and that I could complete would be wonderful. Thank you.
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Re: Looking for a Love Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
These are kind of tricky.

Look around, find something that appeals to you and then tweak it towards your needs and so it becomes personalized to you and your target.

You need absolute confidence in what your doing. The spell is an extension of you. If they felt hollow in the past due to your perceived faith or ability ....then thats what you need to work on.

The spell itself is a culmination of your practice.

For what its worth, it sounds like youre on the right track. Work on centering and grounding and visualization so you have absolute confidence in your ability. Then use candles and words that appeal to you and better yet that you have put together. Then put all of your energy into it.

I expect youll get the results youre looking for. Hope youre serious about this guy. The world needs a lot more love.

Youll get some static on here about free will. But you do what you will. Just be responsible for the consequences.

Good luck and please post about your success.

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Re: Looking for a Love Spell
Post # 3
Thank you c: I've tried to find a good one but to no avail. Do you happen to have any suggestions?
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