The Deep voice

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The Deep voice
Post # 1
while looking for aids to help me astral project I breathed in deeply over the top of a jar od dried mugwort putting my head back I instantly felt like I was not in my body but not projecting instead it was more like a Very realistic dream, I was on a path though a forest of cherry trees when something blocked my path it had wings and few straight at me looking at me eye to eye its face which unsettled me waking me up from fear because of this I closed my open door net to my bed (this comfits me) but after I shut the door (I was wide awake) I heard a deep voice in my head say "open the door" for some reason I opened it and that was the end of it. what was the thing I met and who's voice was it?
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Re: The Deep voice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: The Deep voice
Post # 3

How could we know whos voice it was? It could have been a spirit, divinity, your mind, anything. The thing you met sounds like something from a horror movie. Do you watch horror movies? The point of them is to scare you, and sometimes it does more, and puts paranoia and anxiety in your mind, causing things like that to show up.

That's the most mundane explanation I can give you.

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Re: The Deep voice
Post # 4
I never watch supernatural horror films I was wondering if it could have been my guide or something
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Re: The Deep voice
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Some may say it was the spirit of the plant in the jar. That's the most logical explanation in my opinion. You "took it in" to yourself when you "breathed in deeply over the top of the jar". It's the best way to invoke something. When I use herbs in my work I always taste them (as long as they're not toxic!) and smell them. Some people will eat certain herbs, drink them (as teas, infusions, spagyrics, etc.) or smoke them to internalize their energy and mingle spirits. It is in line with a physical invocation of the spirit! Of course, this is all done with full caution and understanding of the herbs used.

Cool vision--that's what it was, if you were still wondering. I assure you that you were still in your body. But what you experienced was no less real. I would definitely consider keeping these experiences less public, however. Spirits appreciate people that do not plaster their business all over the place. Keep a journal for your own personal records instead. Start with this entry. ;)

Key phrase to find more about your experience would be "plant spirit" or "plant spirit medicine". Most of the stuff online is new age but I honestly can't offer you a good resource because I was taught by my family. It is something half learned and half experienced. Once you take the time to observe and interact with nature on a deeper level, you won't find a use for books about it.

Best wishes,
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Re: The Deep voice
Post # 6
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