deities confusion

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deities confusion
Post # 1
Merry meet!
Alrighty so, lately I have been doing a lot of research on gods and goddesses and such and I read somewhere that researching a bunch could help find a patron/matron if one pops out at you.
My problem is, Aphrodite and Artemis both stood out for some reason. Which is strange because neither of them have anything to do with my possible element, fire. Also, I kinda don't like Aphrodite. Not in her myths at least. Then for my god, Poseidon poped out. But again, nothing to do with fire although I am drawn to dolphins. Basically, my question is, what do you think is going on here? I was almost sure my element is fire but these deities are saying otherwise. And why two goddesses, including one I don't particularly like?
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Re: deities confusion
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

First of all, Wicca already has two Gods - the Lord and Lady. Some folk are soft polytheists in believing that all Gods and Goddesses are aspects of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, but that is something you cannot do when it comes to Greek deities. They believe themselves higher than everything else and to believe they are simply aspects instead of their own beings is a downright insult in their eyes.

I'd also be careful of what you say about these Gods. Aphrodite in particular was a part of a little "contest" to see who was the most beautiful and the person who had to decide didn't have things end well for him. These Gods are jealous Gods and they do not fit into Wicca no matter how well you try to mesh things.

Second of all - the deities you work with have nothing to do with what natural force you are most attuned with. Unless you believe that Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether/Spirit/Etc. are the building blocks of existence, there's no point in calling them elements.

Even if you did work under the pretense that those natural forces were elements, they wouldn't be there in the religion to pigeon-hole you into a specific set of deities, spirits, and practices. They exist because they are elements, which means that all pieces are needed in order for existence to be a thing (though not everything is made up of all energies, the point is more true for spiritual matters. We're all connected, even if we only exist next to each other).

Third of all - one does not need a Patron or Matron deity in order to be devoted to them. Patrons and Matrons are deities that offer favors to their devotees and not everyone has a relationship with their deities like that. Some people don't even interact with them at all; they're typically content with leaving their offerings, performing their devotionals, praying, and paying attention to what goes on in their lives as their way of having a "relationship" with their deities.

Lastly, if you feel these points don't apply to you, then the way you've been doing things might not be the way for you. Just some food for thought.

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Re: deities confusion
Post # 3
Hey, there!

I agree with what Eissy said about being careful what you say about them. I've dealt with a few different ones before, just out of curiosity, and sometimes things can get a little out of hand. Know that they were created from the human mind---not from God. Are they real? Yes, they are. Like any other creation, they exist. But, like mankind who created them, they can be er....a bit temperamental. (and quite egotistical---but hey, we have only our ancestors to blame for that, lol!!!) But I really would focus more on talking with your Spirit Guide, and having him/her help focus your thoughts. Also, have you considered asking your totem animal to appear? They're great, too, although your Guide is your best friend. Hope this helps out in some way. Blessed be!
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Re: deities confusion
Post # 4

When people say "I think my element is..." is a total misunderstanding. We are all made up of all the elements. We are made up of the same things the Earth is made of. Our bodies are made of 60% of water, we breathe in the air in our lungs (also need oxygen to survive), I bet you've got fire in your soul.

The Greeks are very egotistical. Take it from someone who has worked with them for years. They think so highly of Themselves and are, well, brats. I've had a personal experience with Zeus, which proves to me that He does not like to be mixed with other pantheons. I still do it anyway, because that's just how I roll.

You have time to figure out which ones to work with first. Curious though, why don't you like Aphrodite? Maybe She was "popping" out to you because She wants you to soften up towards her.

It's just the fact that you're attracted to different things in the world. And that's perfectly alright.

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Re: deities confusion
Post # 5
I'll take all of your opinions into thought and begin looking outside of greek. Iv always loved Greek mythology and that's why I looked there first.

Owlishaelinn- iv been reading about the totem animals and such and I'll look into that a bit more too, thank you.

Zeusy- to be honest, I don't really know why I don't like her, its just something that's always been there, even as a child and yes iv been into Greek mythology that long.

Thank you too everyone who replied, I should probably remember that there is more than Greek mythology, maybe I'll look into the Egyptian gods and Goddess's.

Blessed be!
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Re: deities confusion
Post # 6
Sorry for the late reply, however the greek gods were made up by mankind. There only real if, people still believe in them. Or the myths say.

I work with the greeks, and even i know that the greek gods are demanding. And as heck, too! They think there all that, and honestly they can be conceited. Think of Aphrodite, or the Athena myths?!

I love the gods, but i suggest checking all pantheons. I recently have been exploring the Celtic and, Norse pantheons, if that helps
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