Which spell to use- help

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Which spell to use- help
Post # 1
I'm in a quite delicate situation. Please read all.

My father is emotionally manipulative and clingy bastard. He is 49 years old (I'm 21, so not some teenager that hates everything her parents do), doesn't have a job, literally just sits all day at home and yells at everyone, complains and everyone serves him all day to the point that he refuses to make his coffee by himself. If I'm not home he calls me million times a day...
I won't go in details, this is just very rough description of things... If I tell all I believe everyone will agree he is abusing.

But the thing is, he is not a bad man. His life fell apart and he lost control over everything, so now he is abusing me and cling to me so much that sometimes I really want to push him or hit him or just do whatever to break free because his behavior chokes me 24/7.
I don't want to do any harm to him, far from that, but I really want him out of my life or at least to stop being a leech and suck all of my energy away.

I done two freezer spells on him and I still see no results.

Recently I found some "Get Away from my life, poppet spell" and I really want to try it, but I've never done poppet magic and tbh I am a bit afraid.

Any advice please?
Or you can redirect me to someone who can help in my situation?
Plus, anyone worked with this kind of problem?

Please just don't say I should give him more attention and stuff like that. I really try hard to be nice to him. Even try to do some activities together with him, but when he sees I am nice he just takes advantages of that.

I really can't do anything but try to get rid of him by magic.
By I am afraid not to harm him.

Advice please?
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Re: Which spell to use- help
Post # 2
I do have some knowledge and I had success with spells before.
I just need advice on what to do in this situation.
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Re: Which spell to use- help
Post # 3
Look, I just need an advice on this. I am not here to be looked down at or for someone to question me. I clearly said I need a spell suggested and that I am curious to see other people experiences with it.
What I will do at the end is no ones concern.
I am not trying to be rude, but if you can't answer on what I am looking for then don't even bother writing on this topic.
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Re: Which spell to use- help
Post # 4
Maybe you should look for actual help, like a person or website that gives advice on how to deal with this kind of problems. (Sorry for my English)
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