Astral projection

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Astral projection
Post # 1
Can you help me I really want to learn Astral projection.I am really serious about this so tell me everything that is important for it.
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Re: Astral projection
Post # 2
Greetings. Astral Projection isn't something you are going to learn over night. For some people it can take months sometimes even years to sucsessfully Astral Project. I think before attempting to do this you should research the possible dangers of the astral because you can see some scary stuff! Also I think you should practise meditation because when you meditate you enter the same kind of body state as when you are doing astral projection (where your mind is awake but your body is asleep). I would also research and practise different methods like the rope method, rolling method ect. So my big advise to you is to research it a lot, and make sure your positive that you want to do it. Hope I helped.

Have a lovely day - Rowan
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Re: Astral projection
Post # 3
Thank you .You help me a bit and I don't expect to learn it over night.I am patient.
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Re: Astral projection
Post # 4
Also know some other things. Not many people talk about this on the internet, but just through some observations I've made from doing it myself amd watching others do it is this.

Some people just like to astral project occasionally. Other like to do it everyday. And then, some people get kind of "sucked in" to it. Some people feel that their life sucks and they prefer astral projection instead of going outside.

Just be aware of those things. Astral projection can be a great and fun thing to do, but it can be unhealthy to get sucked in to 24/7. It's happened to me before. I spent most of my time doing that instead of going out and talking to people. If that is what you want to do, then that is your choice and that is a-okay. But just know if you become a hermit, like me, you might also forget how to socialize well and be totally awkward xP I find that it's best if you learn what you can about astral projction and travel, but also keep a good balance beteeen that and still talking to other people. Because if you don't, you'll become someone who is as awkward as me XD
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