Hi I am new here

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Forums -> Welcome -> Hi I am new here

Hi I am new here
Post # 1
Hey everyone. You can call me by my username. Anyway, I am new to this and do not know much of this site. If anyone could give me some tips and maybe some info i need to know then that would be terrific. Thanks.
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Re: Hi I am new here
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Best place to start is the Newbie Central. Be sure to read all the rules and follow them.

And if you ever have questions you can check the forums or FAQS or mail me!
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Re: Hi I am new here
Post # 3

Welcome to the site!

If you want you can check the basics expanded by AwakeTooLong...

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Re: Hi I am new here
Post # 4
Welcome to the SoM website, Aliengirl.

First off, this website is a magic inspired website, one with knowledgeable people.

First check your mail. Normally you will have a welcome from pet(admin) and, a moderator.

Second check the newbie central page, and faQs. The newbie central will introduce you to some of the, website. Giving a little, information on each.

I then suggest reading some articles.

1: Awaketoolongs-basics expanded.
2: Bryson-Profiles
3: The order-Rules of the chatter
4: Lark-What wicca is and isn't(if your interested)

Secondly, make yourself at home. This website has so many features: Here are some.

The moderators of the site are some of the most respected people on the,site. These are deemed worthy of that title, by always having a : good attitude, good sources, facts, and knowledge on a variety of magic.

You can not ask to become one, normally you'll never become one, unless your asked. All mods are editors and publishers.

These are people who know how to write, and are, proven worthy to become this title. These are again, trusted members of the site. You usually have to be a member for more than 3-4 months.

These again, are deemed worthy. They reveiw all the works of the editors, and mostly publish the works of the site. Typically you become one, by proving healthy leadership in the editor ship.

Members: These people are the members of SoM. Some will have ranks, while others don't. You are an example of a member. Members have the option to : chat, post, and join covens. Everyone is a member.

Ranks are a title on the SoM website. These are earned by proven sources, knowledge, and helpful attitudes.

The ranks are: Fluff, None, Beginner, Novice, Knowledgeable, and Adept. Fluff basically deems the worst rank, as this practionaire is not serious about magic, or claims to do fluff. While adept or knowledgeable are said to be very wise in the craft.
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