Help me get back my love

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Help me get back my love
Post # 1

A couple of months ago I and my girlfriend split and since then I am finding it quite difficult to live without her. We both are in our late twenties. She was my life. We spent months discussing marriage and family plans and I was so much into her that I would feel alive every time I was with her or she talked to me. She always claimed she loved me a lot, and so did I. Then one day out of the blue she stopped talking to me or taking my phone calls; the next day after much pressure from me she told me via a sms that she found a new boyfriend. I begged her a lot but she is so stubborn that she refuses to have any further relationship with me. We have had our share of fights but which couple doesn't? Our last fight was pretty big but I had never expected things to come to this. Now she doesn't even want to talk to me anymore; she doesn't pick the phone any longer. She says she doesn't want to keep any contact with me.

My days and nights are spent in crying profusely or contemplating suicide. I have lost weight considerably as well. I don't find any other woman appealing enough to start a relationship with her. I have recently lost my job and am looking for a new job now. I have done everything, from praying to offering pujas in temples but nothing seems to have any effect. As a last resort, I have decided to have a look at magic (black magic, white magic, folk magic, voodoo, doesn't matter to me really) because some people say it works wonders. I encountered some people who offered to do it for me in exchange of anything from 15k to 20k for the job.

If any of you are capable enough to bring her back into my life, I would be forever grateful. Please don't ask me for anything big as you can see I am not in a very sound financial position, but I would certainly pray for you and your family to my Lord. Thanks.

PM me please if you are serious about helping me. I would send you whatever info you need.
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Re: Help me get back my love
Post # 2

In your best interest, it would be wise to let her go.

People come and people go.

Focus your mind on something you enjoy and that you're passionate about.

And please don't give out any of your information on SoM. You have no idea what people could do with your information.

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Re: Help me get back my love
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Help me get back my love
Post # 4
Thank you all.
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