need serious help

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need serious help
Post # 1
I have always been able to sort of predict(for lack of a better word) things that are going to happen. I would just see them in my head and then find out they happened. At first I chalked them up to coincidence but as I get older they are stronger and more frequent. I need to know how to control/understand them. I know this sounds far fetched but it is real. Please do not respond if you are going to be sarcastic. Example, I saw my friends daughter with a black cast on her ankle. and then I got a phone call that she broke her ankle and had a black air cast on her foot. I saw my husband choking on food and a few hours later he choked on a peanut butter sandwich and just Saturday, I told my daughter, while we were in the kitchen that the dog just went to the bathroom in my mother in laws room (totally out of character for him) and I saw it was diarrhea. Low and behold she went in and there it was runny and all. There are soooo many more like this (too many to mention) but I would like to get others input on the subject. Its not scary but I would like to know how to control it or know more about it. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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Re: need serious help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: need serious help
Post # 3
I researched it and saw many other people have this power/gift, but no one could really tell what it was/why it happened. However, my thoughts are.. maybe you have that power because you could save lives. If you see a "vision" of your daughter falling down and breaking her arm for example, you may be able to help her prevent that:) I'd love to have that, I feel that it would be incredibly useful.
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