Urgent Identification

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Urgent Identification
Post # 1
Hey everyone, I really need some help, advice or info on what kind of entity a friend of mine experiencing. She has reported loud bangs in the middle of the night, multiple sleep paralysis's with occasional possession attempts, doors slamming, candles flickering, voices talking to her in her sleep. I want to try and find out what kind of entity this is, whether a poltergeist, spirit, entity or even a demon if such things exist. I'm not sure but I really just want to help my friend because it is causing her a lot of distress. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Urgent Identification
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It would be best to find someone locally who is experienced in situations like this. Trying to communicate with and/or remove something unknown to you can be disastrous. In the meantime, ignore it as best as you can. Words and attention can give power. If it's that bad, get help with it. Best wishes and blessings!!!
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Re: Urgent Identification
Post # 3
Maybe you could look up the history of where your friend lives? Or just if there's any bad energy around, I suggest that you do try and look into what type of entity it might be, but also try using protection spells and use things to help make your friend feel safe and calm down.
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Re: Urgent Identification
Post # 4
Sorry to hear about the troubles your friend has been having. There are many herbs that can be used to ward off negative energys. A good one I know is Red Clover Blossom, if you sprinkle this around yor friends home it can help ward off this entity, another is to burn some sage as she is going to sleep. This again wards off negativity whilst r also influencing good dreams. You could also simply tell the entity it is not welcome. If all else fails, I would recomend calling out a trained medium to try and communicate with this entity. I hope the problem is soon gone.

Have a nice day - Rowan
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Re: Urgent Identification
Post # 5
You could try and communicate with the spirit and find out why it is doing this,cast a protection spell first though

If all else fails,burn sage,then cast a banishing and cleansing spell

Note that this could be the spirit of someone who was seriously abused or murdered,it is important to help such spirits cross over
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