Goal Setting Guide

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Goal Setting Guide
Post # 1
In our quest to receive the most and best things of life motivates our energy in ways that help us achieve our dreams and goals. However, many people do not know how to set goals to help us reach our dreams in life, but it is never too late to start, and even if you do know how, it is good to review and hopefully this forum will inspire everyone.

Goal setting is important in every aspect of life: school, career, family, magickal, everything. It all boils down to how much effort you are willing to invest in ensuring your visions become a reality.

Before I list the six major steps needed to set goals and explaining them, I need to start further into the basics of setting them.

Maybe you don't know exactly what you want, and that's okay! As human beings, our interests and ideas change constantly as we learn more and develop new skills and hobbies that allow us to grow with the world around us. To help you start painting a clear picture of what you want to achieve, take a moment to ponder what I have called a "My Life Roadmap".

When you see yourself in the future, what do you see? How far ahead are you looking? Remember, the future is any time from a millisecond ahead to fifty years ahead, so think broadly. Break them down into intervals of five-year components: five years, ten years, and so on. Who is with you in the future? Are you married and caring for a family? Or single and still leading a fulfilling life? Who are your friends and what kind of people have you surrounded yourself with? What things make you happy now, and what things do you want to carry with you in the future? What are some bad shadows in your life now you'll want to leave behind? What are some hypothetical scenarios you fantasize often that you are afraid of happening or want to happen? Where do you stand on the world? Are you a politician, a doctor, or something else? Where do you want to live? What income do you want? There are several other questions like this to think about, but hopefully these ones will help you get started.

When setting goals, it is helpful to use the 'SMART' formula:

S - Specific. How specific depends on you, but the clear your visions is, the easier it is to achieve.

M - Measurable. There are two types of goals: Tangible and intangible. Tangible goals are things that are physical, things you can use your regular five senses to observe. Tangible goals are things that include: money, a house, car, etc, real things. Intangible goals include things associated with love, friendship, and wisdom, etc. Tangible goals are better to work towards are first so you can stay inspired when you obtain results you can see.

A - Achievable. Yes, these goals MUST be Achievable in some way or another, so you can't expect to grow wings using a spell or try to loose 8 pounds in a week and not be disappointed. Again, this goes with the tangible-intangible thing above. Do not set yourself up for immediate failures.

R - Realistic. Again, it must be something you CAN achieve.

T - Timely. Everything good in life comes with some kind of price, and if that means you must sacrifice time to work towards what you want, then so be it! You'll be grateful you decided to skip your thirty minutes or TV in the evening to do your homework to get good grades or to write your next American novel (not all in one sitting, of course). Also, if you do not give yourself a deadline for achieving your goals, chances are, you aren't going to get it done.

So, here are the steps to setting a goal:

1. Decide the purpose of the goal and write it down. It is important to write down goals so you will be reminded of them often!

2. List steps and tools necessary to reach your goal.

3. Identify obstacles that you may face along the way of achieving your goal and solutions to problems you may face.

4. Reach out to others you know cares about you enough and has the time and resources to help you achieve your goals.

5. As you work towards your goal, evaluate your progress. This step is important because it gives you time to rethink things that may be causing problems and how to revise your goals.

6. Reward yourself. Usually for me, this step is merely achieving my goal, because if it is something I am working for then it means I need/want it, but it is up to you how you go along with this one.

Okay, that is all I have today! I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and I will gladly be open to any comments. I will be adding more forums like this in the future and whatever else anyone else may want to read :)

Blessed be

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Re: Goal Setting Guide
Post # 2
Also, citations go to notes I have gathered from my Teen Living and Health classes at school, plus some of my own insight.
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Re: Goal Setting Guide
Post # 3
Hu. Over 80 views and not a single comment?
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Re: Goal Setting Guide
Post # 4
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