VERY SCARED please help

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VERY SCARED please help
Post # 1
I posted earlier the thread was called 'scared, dreams? Spirits?' And a lady messaged me and I told her more about it at first she said maybe astral narcolepsy and as she learned more she said there's something in my room to do a protection spell that it could be a demon that they will hurt me whether asleep or awake. I live alone I'm very scared please help me tell me how to protect myself make it go away if it is that I am TERRIFIED

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 2
She also said maybe lucid dreamer, which I am I can astral project on accident but not on purpose. This is different this is unpleasant and I feel so much fear I feel numb unable to move but I can hear the things around me and I sense something someone around me. Astral projection is never supposed to unpleasant and this was different Han the other lucid dreams I've ever had though I guess I was sleeping before this sensation started old know how to explain I was just terrified

Re: VERY SCARED please help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
So, you believe something that was told to you by "a lady"?
Well, I am an old man who will tell you the opposite; that you have nothing to fear.
Whether you believe me, or this "lady", is up to you (That's some Lady to put fear into a teenager!).
Many years ago I realised that most fear is just the Mind playing "tricks". Fear the man with the gun; not some invisible "demon".

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 4
Then help me how do I make this stop I'm afraid to go to sleep bc I fear this paralyzing terrifying sensation happening

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 5


um anyway to make it stop youjust have to "stop" believing on it

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 6
Simply not believing in it isn't going to make these happenings stop or these noises I hear stop. I'm fully open to the idea of it being something else in fact I'd prefer it be something else. Whether it be a demon or a dream or an astral projection malfunction I need this to stop

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 7

Learn and perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It's on the site so just type lbrp into the search bar :)

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 8
one way to stop sleep paralysis if to try sleeping on your side if you already do this you gonna have to take it with a pinch of salt since it happens to us all.

Re: VERY SCARED please help
Post # 9
I looked lbrp up and it seems like a pretty advanced spell. It also says I need protection. Now I've never cast a successful spell and I also don't know of any good protection spells. Being a beginner, do you think I'd be able to successfully complete lbrp? Am I safe with out the protection and if not do you suggest any things to do for protection??

Re: VERY SCARED please help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
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