scared, dreams? spirits?

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scared, dreams? spirits?
Post # 1
I think it was a dream but I don't remember going to sleep. It was like I was being held down or numbed. I could hear foot step and moving in my room I heard something move on the table I was home alone tho. But when I opened my eyes if I could even at all there was nothing and my eyes would force them selves shut. I had this horrible sense of fear. What scared me the most is I couldn't make a sound I couldn't move a muscle I couldn't open my eyes. I tried to scream but nothing came out I tried to get up to run from whatever was making the noise whether it was there or not but I couldn't. Eventually I manage to fulfill off my bed on to the floor after a lot of effort still unable to move unable to open my eyes and I'm stuck again I hear more moving and I get even more terrified I sense whatever it is getting closer to me and I'm able to like army crawl half way out my bedroom door which is only maybe three feet from my bed and then suddenly I'm able to open my eyes and I have control of my body again but when that happens I'm not halfway out my bedroom door when I wake I'm in the middle of my hallway. So I turn my lights on and check my home nd there's no one there. This has happened several times is this nightmares or spirits or what??
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Re: scared, dreams? spirits?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: scared, dreams? spirits?
Post # 3
Let me tell you this. Because each and everytime this has happened you have woken up and found that there was nothing.why do you not try to remember this when it happens the next time. When you hear footsteps/movements just relax and see what happens do not fear,because the truth is you will wake up and find that there was nothing...
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