Glass encased candles

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Glass encased candles
Post # 1
Growing up I watched my mom light up candles for different reasons. Well I have grown up and found my self struggling in life and I found myself doing the same thing. However, I have been having problems with my candles . I have lit a total of 5 glass cased candles and 2 of the 5 have broke. Lately I have been practicing a sort of prosperity, health,and guidance self-made spell. only that the last two times my partner and I have been using one candle for both of our inquiries. I have been reading up on candle residue and other things but I am not sure I understand the one question that is still lingering in my mind. I understand that the black smoke residue indicates struggle in my environment, and a broken glass indicates the braking of negative vibes sent my way. But what about the flame still burning after the glass has broken and the flame being really high. (I observed that in the last 4 candles the flames where very low)
Is this happening because it is two separate inquires for one candle ?
can it be that what my partner is asking for stands against my list?
if anyone has anything to add to my inexperienced conclusion, please comment.
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Re: Glass encased candles
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Many of the so-called 7-day candles out there are very cheaply and poorly made. The blend of wax used does not burn well which can cause the flames to smoke or go out and not want to relight. If the wick isn't in the center of the candle and therefore the flame is too close to the glass the glass will overheat in that spot and cause the glass to break. The flame can then flare because it is creating its own draft. I think that what you are encountering is more likely to be a result of the poor grade manufacture of the candle rather than any magical cause.

I've had the same thing happen to me buying such candles. I've had better luck with the glass-enclosed candles that are designed for emergency lighting in power failures. They cost more, but they are far more reliable, they have to be.

I would not suggest two people using the same candle for their separate purposes. It won't make the glass break, but it can confuse the energies of the candle itself and give you a muddled meaning and unexpected results to the spellwork.

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Re: Glass encased candles
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Other Paths.
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Re: Glass encased candles
Post # 4
Thank you very much for your insight; I will surely purchase a different type of candle . Thank you very much for the tip on confusing the energies, I will fix that.
Just incase there were any negative energy I have decided to cleanse the house with sage and a cleansing spell.
Thank you again
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