sprits, sleep, and sex

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sprits, sleep, and sex
Post # 1
I posted this earlier and don't see it in the thread feed so I'm posting it again making it more G rated...

No-one can give me a good in-depth explanation. I don't have anyone to talk to or ask about it. A lot of people are open to talking about spirits. But to talk about Spirits and sex takes things to a whole new level. I'm hoping you can give me any insight. I'm wondering if anyone has heard of anything like this. Or, if anyone has personally experienced this.

When I lived at my parents house there was a Spirit there from the time I was very young. I can remember waking up at night floating above my bed. I was not asleep! Particularly at night this spirit was present. I'm assuming its a spirit. He was around so much I never had to buy batteries for my remote control. I would just ask him to shut the TV off. He would play around when I was trying to fall asleep by doing little things like knocking on my wall. My room was on the 3rd floor. No-one could have done that from outside, and my parents are old school. They would go to bed at 10:00. When the tapping or knocking would get on my nerves I would tell him to knock it off! He was just always around at night. It didn't bother me either.

It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that (I'm assuming it was him) he started having sex with me in my sleep. I never had anything like it. It only happened when I was asleep. I don't know how long it actually lasted because time is distorted when you are sleeping. Sometimes the dreams during these encounters weren't sex dreams. They were odd dreams. Such as driving in a really old car on a road I never saw with someone I recognized but never saw before. I orgasmed every single time during these encounters, multiple times. Over and over and over.These weren't normal orgasms. They were so powerful I would wake up immediately after with my ears ringing, barely able to hear, numb fingers, numb hands, sweating hard, hands shaking and cramps from contracting so hard and so long. I was never hurt or felt any type of harm. No bad thoughts came into mind during. I was never pinned down, never paralyzed, never choked. There was no need to try and fight it on my end. I would look forward to going to sleep. I don't see how anyone couldn't welcome that?

Eventually it got to the point that these encounters were happening on the regular. Almost every night. I don't know how to put the sensations and feeling into words because my body has never EVER felt anything like that before. I don't know of words to describe the height my body was taken too. The word Orgasm is minor compared to the bliss I felt. After about a year of this going on while I was sleeping, I would start to pull out of my dream during these encounters. I could hear birds chirping outside but I was still in a sleep like state, just not dreaming. This went on for about another year until I moved. One time I was laying on my side when I woke up and his arms were around me. Hes huge, like giant huge, and very muscular with very smooth tan color skin. Hes not black or white. Mediterranean maybe? No hair on his upper body either. Stories I've read mentioned hairy incubus or succubus. I've never seen his face though.

Then I got married and moved in with my husband. No encounters have happened since I moved out of my parents. NOT ONCE! I know he didn't follow me when I moved. Am I crazy to say I want these encounters back? (I know, I sound like a nut)Does anyone have a reference they could point me to? Or a way to get this specific spirit to come into my new home? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I am not looking to pay for any services on here so please do not tell me you will cast a spell if I pay you.

I should also include the dreams I had while living at my parents were out of this world. In almost every dream I could leave my dream body and watch the dream from a few feet away. I could watch myself. Those dreams haven't happened since I moved out.
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Re: sprits, sleep, and sex
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: sprits, sleep, and sex
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
If I was in your position and wished to reunite with a spirit that was in a particular location. Hmmm.

First I would perform a land taking ritual to be sure that my present location/land is officially mine. This is important because entities in your present location could disagree with new residents.

Then, I would return to the previous location, make contact with said entity and then take a piece of that location with me (a brick, a large stone, etc.) It needs to be something that has been there a long time, especially during the time of your experiences.

I would announce out loud
"Hear me (name of your dude), I call to you to witness and bless this rite. I will take THIS piece of THIS land with me so that where it goes, all current residents of this house and property are welcome." Then I would take my object home, plop it right in the center of my house (basement preferably).

At this point a bit of creative writing would be needed to formulate a ritual that effectively binds the piece of old land to the new, joining the two, creating a bridge.

In the future, if you gain a strong relationship with a spirit, be sure to get something like a personal sigil from it, a name, and preferably a physical object that it can tie itself to so that you can take it with you when you move. It's like having a best friend and not getting a phone number or email address. You are going to lose touch. Not all entities are able to follow you naturally.

Do be aware that your experiences could have ended due to your marriage not your move. This is why I did bring up to communicate with the entity at the old location first.

I don't believe you should consider this individual a succubus/incubus. Last I checked, we all have intercourse. It would seem that you are a lucid dreamer and that was utilized remarkably well.
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