Could I get a reading?

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Could I get a reading?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have never had a reading be it in person or online. And I was just wondering if i could get a reading. I dont have any questions to ask. :)
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Re: Could I get a reading?
Post # 2
Hello mah name is Ashley and I am 13 and also new to this website. I have done mid readings before and did a study and only 70% of mah readings are correct. For I have not done readings online nor virtually before. But today, I shall try. Here it goes...

Today I will inform you about your future, not the past. I will also not be able to answer any of you're questions today because you have none. I sense that very soon, likely by the end of this month, you will know some secrets tht u wish you didn't know because it will effect how u look at another. This other person will be somebody very close to you. It could be a loved one or a friend. This secret that u will know will be a very surprising one to you. It can effect how u are around tht person. This secret is also not going to be one that somebody else tells you nor the person that has the secret will tell you but the person that figures out the secret will be no other than yourself. I also sense you wanting something different than what you really want just to try to be more cool or more popular. Sadly for you, wat u get will not get u popularity, nor joy. I can not change this because it is you're desire. The only thing I can tell you to maybe help this from happening is to just be yourself. I hope you have enjoyed this reading, please friend me!!!

Ashley C. (SorceryTips)
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Re: Could I get a reading?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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