Norse Deity meditation

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Norse Deity meditation

Norse Deity meditation
Post # 1

I thought id share one of my methods of developing focus in a meditation and concentrating on the Gods and Goddesses. I begin by sitting usually with my back against something and go through the Deities i honor, which are purely norse and scandinavian for me. The real feeling of being in a different way of mind or perhaps some would describe it as a floaty feeling is when i think to myself each of the names and what they are associated with. for example:

Odin, he who hung for nine days from the world tree, seeker of knowledge, Warriors God.

Thor, the thunderer, stormbringer, adventurer and God of common sense

Va'r Goddess of oaths and vows

And ect. To whatever deity pops into my head. The goal of this meditation is not a perticularly complex one. It is useful for clearing the mind and preparing it in some ways, for me i usually do this before practicing centering and energy exercises. This also would be a good way to memorize the different aspects of the deities one honors, which dont really have to be norse at all, its all according to the individual in question.

I hope i didnt blither on too much and that you guys enjoyed this posting, thanks for reading all.

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Re: Norse Deity meditation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I'd consider that an invocation of deities' names rather than a meditation, but someone could easily meditate with the invoked names.

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Re: Norse Deity meditation
Post # 3

Well that is true i suppose, personally i dont speak the words aloud but this still could technically be called an invokation. I personally think the intentions going into it play a role in how to define it, thanks for bringing up the point i completely forgot to mention that.

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