Hi, I'm Aven! :D

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> Hi, I'm Aven! :D

Hi, I'm Aven! :D
Post # 1
Hi, I just joined the site!

I,m 15 y/o boy, I like drawing, playing videogames, and watching anime.

I prefer to use my energy flow instead of spells that include chanting and stuff. I once made a balloon to fly the way I wanted it to (downwards) and an empty bootle in a river to swim/sail into my hands. :D

I'm also a bit of a prophet, cuz sometimes (pretty often) I forsee what will happen/be said in next few seconds. I' also good at guessing and every time I see a masked/shapeshifted
person in a movie I know who that is (I knew Zuko was the Blue Spirit the minute I saw him. Librom too)
Also, I can make weak-minded creatures to to do/say something, like when a dog really annoys with its barking I just imagine it shut up. And it shut ups.

And now, last but not least, my left hand. I feel something powerful about it and sometimes I feel like there's a pentagram or a moon crest on the palm.
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Re: Hi, I'm Aven! :D
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Welcome to the site. I believe you may be a little confused about a few things. A balloon will float downward regardless, that would be a quintessence. The same is actually possible with the bottle. I'm not saying things like that are completely impossible as they are small light objects however; it isn't likely.
As far as the prophet aspect, it's more likely you had a glimpse of a memory such as in Dejavu. This is often associated with an event being registered twice in the mind.
The shape shift part could be intuitive however; it could also be from knowing the scripts of movies or TV. I'm assuming that's what your speaking of.
As far as the dog, they can smell changes in a persons body chemistry. While it's possible to connect to them, it's more likely the chemical change or a quintessence.
I think you should look into some of the things you have spoken of. When you understand different aspects of the arts, you will be able to identify what is a quiescence and what may be something more. You may find it all to be nothing more than a quiescence.
Best of luck on your path,
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Re: Hi, I'm Aven! :D
Post # 3

I am older I've been in the spiritual path a very long time
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Re: Hi, I'm Aven! :D
Post # 4
Thank you!
But about the balloon... It was filled with that floating gas (I believe it's called Helium) so bringing it down was an effort. It flew away then, anyway.
The mask thing probably IS just my intuition.
BUT. The mind controlling thing works on weak-minded people too, not just dogs. Sometimes when I think of a word, someone pronounces it.
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