Chakra Balancing

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Chakra Balancing
Post # 1
An imbalanced chakra may result in a feeling that "something is off" and long-term stress can close a chakra leading to stale and stagnant energy flow.

The exercise below allows you align and balance your chakras:

Chakra Breath Meditation

I imagined my breath rising and filling the crown chakra as a white light. Then I imagined my breath as a divine white light surrounding me and said "I am surrounded by divine light and love." Then I took another breath imagining the divine light being drawn into my heart chakra and also a strand of it being connected from my crown chakra to the universe saying "The divine becomes a part of my consciousness and I am opening my heart to love." Then I let the white light stream down in a column with each breath I took the light traveled down my body to a chakra. I imagined the white light cleansing and balancing the chakras. When I got to the root chakra, I imagined the white light reaching my feet connecting me to the earth and grounding me and I said "May I walk the path of the divine light and may all my chakras be cleansed and make be be at peace."
After this meditation, I felt relaxed and happy. I had mental clarity and could think without so many thoughts scattered in my mind. Also, this meditation expanding my auric energy so throughout the day, my aura had a positive, vibrant energy level. I had a good day and felt I was attracting a lot of positive energy. I've found that meditation in the morning helps a lot in making the day less stressful. The first day was hard to concentrate and I couldn't get myself relaxed. After trying it the second day for fifteen minutes, I was able to become more relaxed when the time reached eight minutes. I am going to practice other chakra meditations for the next few days.
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Re: Chakra Balancing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I might try this, always looking for new chakra work. Just a little side note, it's best to start at the root up. If you've already worked on your chakras I guess it's fine, I've jumped around sometimes, but it should follow each other since you want the energy to flow unobstructed.
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Re: Chakra Balancing
Post # 3
I think, there is a many nonsense about chakras in Western countries. I recommend to read the translations of the original texts of the East.

Or something from here.

Intersting is
But, there is chakra Ajna called a "Heavenly heart" and chakra Anahata a "fleshly heart".
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Re: Chakra Balancing
Post # 4
Something about is here.

But, I recomend people who want do a chakra practices well think about what they do and why.
There are two different paths on the East. The first is a paths to Nirvana (paramatman). It means ending the cycle of lifes in this world and and in spiritual worlds too.
The second is a paths to obtain spiritual powers (siddhis) and a better life in the spiritual worlds.
And about it many Western "masters" not informs their students..

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