Initiation to true magic

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Initiation to true magic
Post # 1
Oright so a lot of you are skeptics around here. There is nothing wrong with that,i see where you're coming from.
So you should know by now that magic is a journey,we are all headed to perfection and power. You will find many magicians are still strugling with natural obstacles (things like gravity, time, space, energy, astrology etc). An example of this is how the elements have been described using human characteristics ( water people are said to be driven by emotions). Time here is the problem. The elements cause changes in the human body before they do anything else.
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Re: Initiation to true magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
We are not "all headed for power and perfection". Anyone with a modicum of intelligence is seeking "enlightenment" and "knowledge". Nobody will ever be "perfect". As for "power"; the "power" of Humans is puny compared to the power of Nature!
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Re: Initiation to true magic
Post # 3
Great coment brysing, though it has nothing to do with this thread whatsoever

i was trying to stress the idea that we are all on different levels of time. It is a fact that most practitioners of magic are not as conscious as they should be, they are probably living in a very average state of mind, controled by desires. These people have failed to see/feel anything around them... Not even with the help of science.
Look no one can be perfect,true. But can any of you intelligent ones seeking enlightenment be 'enlightened'?. I think we evolve over time and we can never say we have reached our goal. In closing, i think anyone with any useful knowledge has power and we are one with nature.
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Re: Initiation to true magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
no offense but you basically said nothing until your response to brysing, try being less cryptic and just going straight to the point
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Re: Initiation to true magic
By: / Novice
Post # 5
regarding your first post, i'm not entirely sure what you're saying. on one hand it sounds like you're saying magick isn't what you think it is and you should seek your own path. but on the other [to me anyway] it sounds like you're saying magick can defy nature [gravity, time, space] and its simply the limitations we make for ourselves rather than a semi-fact. [i say semi fact because magick hasn't been scientifically proven but those who believe in it know it is a part of nature and has the limitations of nature] yes, we do make barriers for ourselves, and yes we should discover limitations for ourselves, but some things are what they are. [example, gravity. it existed before Newton, some people might of tired to fly by walking off roofs, but most knew we were earthbound.]

regarding your second post, yes, many new practitioners want step by step instructions though 'the basics' then call themselves 'grand masters of everything' or whatever and stop learning because 'i mastered the basics'. i never really had a teacher [i had friends who i asked for book recommendations] but i always kept a copy of Wicca for Life by Raymond Buckland by my side for almost a year, so i could constantly turn to it for advice [in my mind he learned from Gardner so he knew the 'right way'] but at some point i took a leap of faith and tried it on my own without the book, scary, but i did it. everyone needs to at some point. [like the child first learning to swim]

now, onto minor personal nitpicks. one you can reach enlightenment, it takes a lifetime [or several reincarnations depending on the faith] and i do feel we can strive for perfection, and we can achieve our own definition of 'perfection'. have you ever read Alice Through the Lookingglass? [love that book while confusing at times] anyway, Humpty Dumpty tells her words can mean whatever you want them to, while theres the dictionary definition, i do feel certain things like 'perfection' can [and should] be defined yourself. perfection and enlightenment [in my view] go hand in hand. you may never look like a model, but if you love yourself exactly how you are, in your eyes, you're perfect. you may never be in mensa, but we all have likes, trying to learn/master those things is striving for perfection, and once you are satisfied with your skill its 'perfect'. we are a work in progress, but many give up at some point. its fine to relax or move to other studies, but stagnation isn't life.
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Re: Initiation to true magic
Post # 6
So my first post was kind of confusing. I should have been less cryptic about it. Well i intended to suggest that we should look into/be aware of the immediate effects of our magic related operations and only notice what happens days or even weeks or months later. And likewise i agree with u akoshema that we are bound to obey some laws of nature, like the threefold law. As for gravity yes we as human beings were meant to spend most of our lives in contact with the earth surface or any solid object on earth. We certainly can not fly.
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Re: Initiation to true magic
Post # 7
Mistype. Meant 'and not only notice what happens...'
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