Why spells fail

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Why spells fail
Post # 1
Most of the time people simply don't take the time to try and write their own spells. Writing your own spell is sometimes harder than finding an already made spell. But writing your own spell gives it more connection to yourself which in turn will help when casting said spell. Now magic has one key element about it that can make or break it. Doubting the spell at all will cause it to fail. Seeing as doubt is something we humans deal with from the earliest days we can recall from childhood its easy to understand why spells don't work for a lot of people. But believing alone isn't enough to make a spell be successful. No matter what no spell is going to work 100% off the time. But if you manage to get the spell to work then you tend to want to do more. But people that fail early on and give up aren't grasping that what they are doing is actually helping them. But if someone fails many times over and doesn't give up they tend to realize it just made them better. Spells are always going to be different from person to person no matter what but spells can fail for one person and work for another. But no matter what never give up on yourself.
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Re: Why spells fail
Post # 2
A good post but in addition believe is not always on intended that a spell shall work,many newbies have the idea if they believe a lot in the spell they are casting which in most cases is a fantasy spell and they think it'll work,despite being reminded plenty times they still attempt it . Fantasy spell is clearly classified as fantasy which means its just fantasy if broke down further means it is false . Also one must master the basics before attempting spells ,if not the spell will not work
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Re: Why spells fail
Post # 3

You also need to consider the bigger picture too guys, as I explained in a similar post earlier. You need to at least somewhat aware of the mechanics involved. Working with any type of magical objective you need to have at least a good level of understanding on mechanical attributes such as;

  • Directors
  • Limiters
  • The path of least resistance

These are some of the mechanics involved when casting a spell, and I agree with you there on your point about doubting your spell, you have to be very sure of the attributes mentioned above, because the last thing you want is your spell to bounce back and hit you!

And you totally nailed it about time dude, placing emphasis on the fact that if you spend more time working through the problem, and finding a solution your own way, it places a certain connectedness to yourself thus empowering you to perform your spell better.

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