Spell Gone Seriously Bad

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Spell Gone Seriously Bad

Spell Gone Seriously Bad
Post # 1
So last week, something very bad and very embarassing happened to me at school. So I kinda did a spell that I will never have to go to school ever again (that was kinda childish) then just later that day my boss called and told me I'm fired from work, without money I can't go to school anymore.. but still my parents forced me to go to school now I'm ill as hell that I can't go to school, everytime I try to go to school something will happen that will prevent me from doing so. and it gets worse and worse everytime. now I'm afraid to even think of going to school.
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Re: Spell Gone Seriously Bad
Post # 2
When you do a spell without a clear thinking and only a reactionary mind, it most likely will not turn out as you intend. You're not going to school, so that worked out, but it obviously has negatively affected your life.

Be clear-headed when playing with Magic.
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Re: Spell Gone Seriously Bad
By: / Novice
Post # 3
What kind of spell was it?

Is it reversible or ...?

Might want to do a spell for a new job...just make sure you have a good resume. youll need a job if you quit school and your parents become upset perhaps?

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Re: Spell Gone Seriously Bad
Post # 4

This spell probably backfired for the worse. I don't know what it was you did but you probably should look into reversing this spell, perhaps writing your own reversal so that it may work better. If you are feeling stressed because of school which is most likely a reason you tried this then I suggest just not going at all and telling whoever you can what is the circumstance health-wise and go back when you are better, after all one's health both physical and mental is required to even be able to focus on school. As for the spell once more, I believe a reversal is highly in order, probably even a luck spell to bring omens of good beginnings back to you. That is something I had to do.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Spell Gone Seriously Bad
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
We would need to know what you did in order to give you advice in reversing it. This is why I always say that "backfire" is nothing more than magick applied wrong.
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Re: Spell Gone Seriously Bad
Post # 6
Well the spell wasn't really grand, it didn't had a very complicated chant of ingredients. I was so angry and frustrated at that time. I had to throw away that anger because I know that'll mess me up more. So I focused on my anger, tried to put it in one place, But in my mind I was shouting and crying "I don't want to go back to school! I would never go back to school! Please don't make me go back!" yeah things like that.
I was so angry and embarrassed that time maybe those emotions acted as the energy source and made my little wish a spell, a messed up spell. But still a little part of me is thankful that it worked, but seriously I lost my job now I'm still sick as hell. Moral lesson of the day: "Be careful what you wish for"
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