Messed up dream. Help

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Messed up dream. Help

Messed up dream. Help
Post # 1
Most messed up dream I've ever had, wondering if anyone could help to interpret it a bit more personally. - I've had a history with self harm:
A disfigured and scarred man similar to an ork from The Hobbit is slicing me with a knife hundreds of times as I'm in a cage. I get rescued by a group of people and find out that this man mutilates and kills animals, putting them back together with other animals limbs, mass producing these dead bloody creatures and selling them. He also places human body parts in pillow cases, which would have happened to me if i hadnt been rescued.
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Re: Messed up dream. Help
Post # 2
Wow, a macabric one..
Well, to figure it out - analyze your real life.

I would interpretate that this is "happy lucky ending" - as if you got away from somebody or something that was bad in your life. It could be bad persona, bad influence, disease, addiction, even some bad thoughts, etc.
Puppeteer means - that you are being controlled, maybe in real life someone very obsessive/manipulative/controlling person has vanished.

Well it also could mean - that yesterday you watched some scary movie ;)
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Re: Messed up dream. Help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Sometimes our dreams are just a really weird mixture of bits and pieces of our daily lives. Even when we do not consciously observe something, it is still being "recorded" by our brains and these things become filtered through during the night when we sleep.

I'm rather good at interpreting dreams be it psychological or spiritual, but this one seems more random than anything. Now if this dream repeats or continues in some way in the future, then it may be worth scrying on.
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Re: Messed up dream. Help
Post # 4
I agree with you -White, it seems a bit like ordinary nightmare. But just in case, I gave it my shot, the owner herself will know better.
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