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By: / Novice
Post # 1
I am curious about some of the proper ways to either bury or dispose of an offering after the ritual is over.

Most of wht I have read seems to say to bury offerings after a ritual.
Part of me feels like it wastes food in a sense, or if it's a physical non-degradable offering that is buried that it's just going to stay forever in the earth perhaps not harming it depending on the substance but I'm imagining all these little buried things all over, :)
And I realize it is of course NOT a waste, it is an offering made it of respect but I guess the non- mysterious, more mundane part of me is struggling with that.

So I just wanted to get so e opinions on what is proper! I'm fairly new and Imbolc will be the first Sabbat I intend to do a ritual for so trying to figure some things out before then!
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Re: Offerings
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Some people consume the offerings themselves while others leave the offerings for the local fauna to consume (the spirits are said to consume through them).

Whatever you do, make sure the food can be consumed by you, local fauna, and/or decompose in a way that doesn't harm the environment (food typically doesn't, but I still would use more natural foods and less processed foods).

Libations are easy to dispose as all you have to do is poor them into the ground. Some people like to pour them into running water, like the sink or a river. It'd be pretty nifty if you left some fruits and veggies on a plate, pour your libations in a cirlce around them, and then came back for the plate once the food is gone. It can take a few days, and if it's not gone by then, just bury it in a shallow pile of dirt so it can be compost.

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Re: Offerings
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I use incense offerings most, but in circle I offer cake and ale [or juice and a cookie lol] when the circle is over I place the cake offering outside [by a tree or flowerbed] and pour the ale on the ground [again, near a tree or flowerbed] the food returns to the earth and may be eaten by an animal so it isn't wasted.
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Re: Offerings
Post # 4

Usually, when I place the offering upon my altar and it's processed food like Oreos or small cream-filled chocolate cakes (Usually for Loki) I leave them there for about a week because they're proccessed and don't wither as easily. When It's something organic and fresh, I may eat it in their honor (Or for them, persay) Or I will put on there altar and leave it there for three days then just simply thow it outside for further decompisition.

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Re: Offerings
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful and helpful responses!
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Re: Offerings
Post # 6
If I make an offering that is food related, I will either use it in some way or return it to the earth. For example, on Samhian, I cut an apple in half, used the seeds for my protection bag and then after my ritual buried the two apple halves outside.

I suggest not using non-degradable offerings...whatever they may be. Natural and biodegradable materials that are safe are always best. :)
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