Theistic or worshipper?

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Theistic or worshipper?
Post # 1

So a while ago I started having a bit of self-doubt because people called me a "poser" or a "mouse" or any other weird word, just because I literally worship both Satan and Lucifer.

The reasons I worship Satan and Lucifer is because they made my life really good and happy, and I also see Satan and Lucifer as good gods who do good things. Satan and Lucifer let people do what they want except harm. Well, this is my belief that Satan and Lucifer don't let people harm anyone, because even if I am a Satan and Lucifer worshipper, I still believe in LaVeyan morals and stuff, because LaVeyan stuff are honestly good stuff.. Like his morals of not harming children nor animals. But Satan and Lucifer just let people do what they want, like watching whatever people want, listening to whatever music people want, etc. And I believe that Anton LaVey actually got those morals from Lord Satan himself but he (LaVey) didn't know that Satan was telling those morals to LaVey. So I am technically a mix of Theistic and LaVeyan Satanist...

These are the reasons why I worship Satan and Lucifer. I don't worship Satan and Lucifer because I want to hurt people or because I want to be a rival to the Abrahamic religions. I truly believe Satan and Lucifer are against harm. Except self-defense is okay, but I don't really wanna cast magick that breaks people's free will.

Am I a theistic Satanist, or a Satan worshipper? I hope I am not a poser though...

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Re: Theistic or worshipper?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
You may believe anything you wish.You may worship any God.It is nobody else's business.If you are happy with your beliefs, then they are yours! So long as you don't try to "force" your beliefs on anybody else, you are fine.No more a poser than a Catholic priest!
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Re: Theistic or worshipper?
Post # 3

Oh! I would NEVER force my beliefs nor my belief system on anybody! Satan and Lucifer forbid me from forcing people to become Satanists...

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Re: Theistic or worshipper?
Post # 4

Oops, sorry for writing the word "never" in caps btw. :/

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Re: Theistic or worshipper?
Post # 5
User331368 always remember this before LaVey, the Satanists (and yes they are Satanists) who worshipped Satan was the Norm,not the exception.A Theistic Satanist is also a Satan Worshipper.

To me the Laveyans are the pretenders because they claim to be a Satanist,but not believe in Satan,when for centuries before LaVey Satanists have beleived in a literal Satan.
Laveyans are like a person who proclaims to be a Christian but not believe in Christ.. a person would soon point out said Christians hypocriscy.
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