How to make a connection

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How to make a connection
Post # 1

So you want to connect to (deity's name here)? You don't know how to go about it? You're nervous? Scared? Afraid you'll give a bad impression? Fear not, for the purpose of this forum post is to guide you and give you confidence. If at any time you want to refer back to this thread, you can simply add it to your favorites by scrolling to the bottom of it, and simply click the highlighted word, Favorite.

Now, onto business. Before you can make a connection-

Ah, excuse me. By "connection", I mean it in a form of calling out to said deity like praying, channeling, working with, or any other method of contact such as contact through tarot cards or pendulums. I thought I should make that clear.

Now before you do such things, it is very very very very important that you research this deity. You research it's role in lore, what it is the deity of, it's attributes, what animals/flowers/trinkets or any other thing it is associated with. It is also helpful to see if you can find any firsthand accounts that others have experienced with said deity. If there are none,'re in for a surprise, I'd say!

Once you have done your proper research and you feel that you are ready, then you would start calling out to the deity.

First things first:

Always show respect

Don't force them to talk, don't force them to respond, don't force their presence.

Don't force

Let it happen naturally. It takes some time.

Be patient

And always be kind. Be happy to be speaking to them.

If you have any question, comments or concerns, simply click my name and you will be redirected to my profile. click on the 'mail' tab to mail me.

Happy days and happy blessings to you all. May your path be filled with courage, wisdom and laughter.

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Re: How to make a connection
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

And for anyone seeking to create a good working relationship with a God or Goddess, I highly recommend the book " Devoted To You " by Judy Harrow as an excellent place to learn about how to create such a relationship, what it is like to have such a relationship, and how to go about maintaining that relationship once you have it.

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Re: How to make a connection
Post # 3
Thank you for the reccomendation, Lark!
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Re: How to make a connection
Post # 4

Very good post ! I want to add something ! Don't try to use a deity as a spell ingredient or use Him/Her for another reasons. If you want to create a connection with a deity you must worship Him/Her with a "true hearth".Don't use the deity for your own goals.

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Re: How to make a connection
Post # 5

^^^ This is also a veryg good contribution to the thread! Thank you Mabel!

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Re: How to make a connection
Post # 6
Most deities will call out to you. If the deity doesn't answer your prayers, don't give up. If it does continue for some time, though, the deity may not be interested and it might be time to move on.
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