For Newbies in Wicca- P2

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For Newbies in Wicca- P2
Post # 1
Merry Meet,
This information was taking from "A YEAR AND A DAY" by Timothy Roderick. I have finally obtained a legible copy and will be starting today.

"Wicca is a Shamanic, magical, and spiritual tradition that can guide you to the wisdom and the promise of Cerridwen's Cauldron. The word 'Wicca" is of middle- English origin and it means "Craft of the Wise". The wisdom of Wicca is innate. It is the wisdom of nature that dwells within each of us from birth, it is each of us from birth. Most of us live our lives disconnected from nature and her precious gift of wisdom. Culture, family, politics, gender, etc., inflicts limits on us from childhood, they shape our psyches. These are veils that conceal our wisdom and magical potential. Through the path of Wicca, we learn to penetrate these veils, tap into out potentials, and discover innate knowledge, insight, judgment, and sense."
I am so excited about starting my year and a day.

Merry Part. Be Well.
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Re: For Newbies in Wicca- P2
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Fancy wording this Timothy guy has. I never got why people would say Wicca is a shamanistic path, I guess in some ways, but it's closer with Celtic. It's simply a mish-mash of various philosophies but most [if not all] are European in nature. Oh well, just my two cents.

There are many great forums, articles and books on the topic I don't feel like repeating too much, but just understand one key fact, 'Wicca' the religion isn't ancient, it was founded by Gerald Gardner [although he claims he was from a coven who didn't want to come forward, he's our 'founder' since all historical evidence begins in the 1950's] and its based on ancient religions. But it's spiritually fulfilling for those who follow, which is what matters. Just understand it's origin.

Anyway, good luck with your year and a day, what books do you have? Also [since I don't know your age] have you told your parents/guardians? From a legal standpoint they need to know if you're a minor. Blessed be.
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Re: For Newbies in Wicca- P2
Post # 3
Merry Meet,

I stated the information about Gerald Gardner in my post "For The Newbies." This post is simply the Intro from the Year and A day book, but thanks for commenting. There are many Wiccan Paths, one must find their own.

Merry Part. Be Well.
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