Practices of Ordination

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Practices of Ordination
Post # 1

I have been an ordained minister for 4 months now. I have decided on what services I shall render to the public and have researched local laws and tax requirements, however.....I am by my own ethics conflicted about what to charge for my services. I have always been in service to my community through various events occasions and commities, however I do not know the "value" of a handfasting to a poor couple vs. a rich couple nor am I in the opinion that there is a true "price" that could match its value at all. I am thinking of rendering my services for a donation, but that may not cover my costs. I am also considering setting a set price but leaving it as "negotiable". I know this may seem a petty concern to some but ethically it poses quite the problem for me. Please respond with any suggestions or opinions the may help me. I appreciate you time and value your opinions.
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Re: Practices of Ordination
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I think this is a very valid question to ask. All I can tell you is what I did when I was doing handfastings and the like and you can see if that works for you.

First of all, I looked at it as a service that I could do for those in my community, not as something that was going to make me money. Approaching it in that fashion I decided that the most I would ask was for any travel expenses such as gas for my car to be covered. If the couple wished to give me more than that I would accept it, but I only asked that my own expenses be covered.

In cases where the couple didn't have the sort of cash-flow to cover my expenses I would still do their hand-fastings, etc. without cost to them. In that case I viewed my services as an offering of service to my Gods.

Hope you find this helpful and I'm more than willing to discuss it further with you if you'd like.

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Re: Practices of Ordination
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Being ordained minister, your services should only be donations, and possible travel expenses. It is a service, not a job to speak of. Tax breaks/exemptions are for the churches; buildings, land; not for you personally. You are doing a community service, so usually no money is involved, although it is custom that they give donation for your time. Hope this helps.. BB
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Re: Practices of Ordination
Post # 4
I am already tax exempt living on a fixed income of less than 7,000 a year most of which is social security. I dont expect to make mad cash in the 3rd poorest state in the middle of the bible belt. I do however have to report and cash I make at the end of the year by filling out a 10-99 tax form (hope you all read this because thats useful info for aspiring ministers out there!) Im just conflicted about the money part. I have never charged a dime for any services rendered to my community before. But I am greatful for your replies. I have decided to only work on donation without suggestion to expenses or other costs. It seems like that is a great way to resolve my conflicts. Ive never seen a post like this on here before, so hopefully it serves others as well as it has me. Thanks again guys!
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Re: Practices of Ordination
By: / Novice
Post # 5
This is a great post.. Ive been an ordained minister for about a year and a half. I got it to do a friends wedding,and recently was thinking about doing them in my community,but had the same things on my mind. The answers on here are both morally and legally right on...
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