Just a little exercise

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Just a little exercise
Post # 1
Recent conversation about metalurgy I had lead me into conclusion that people do not pay attention to detail and tend to simplify things to a ridiculous level. This exercise may help You to avoid this problem.
So here it comes:
Any time during the day, when You have nothing better to do, or just feel bored, take a random object from the surrounding, take a good look at it, study it well for few minutes. After You are done with that, turn you back on it (or just hide it in a pocket if it is more comfy), take few deep breaths and describe it on a piece of paper- be specific, exact, describe all you can, from the color to size. After You are done, compare the real object to that little essay You just made. At this point You may be really surprised.
So You may ask what is that nonsense good for. Well, it will make You more careful, aware and conscious. Ant those assets will help You for example understand why You can not make a certain spell to work.
So gl+hf.
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Re: Just a little exercise
Post # 2
This particular skill set is called divination, I believe. I've read about it, and the whole principle behind it is to be to utilize your sixth sense to be to "divine" the location, shape, size of a person, place, or thing. About a year ago I was rather proficient at this skill when it pertained to sensing people?owing to my telepathy?but over time because of the fact that I didn't really keep my telepathy sharp, my ability to do so diminished. I understand how this skill could be particularly useful in witchcraft, but I'm unsure how this would be of use in figuring out whether or not spells worked.
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Re: Just a little exercise
Post # 3
Yes and no my friend. Sometimes i feel we are so eager to develop the sixth sense that we forget about the five we have.
Like i wrote, it is supposed to rise Your level of awareness. And that will definitely help You to spot disturbances You may overlook.
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Re: Just a little exercise
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Divination refers to knowing things in an unexplainable way. This exercise is more about learning to be aware of your surroundings and the faults in your memory and training yourself to notice more details.

I would like to say however that it's not really a conscious decision to not pay attention. Our brains naturally fill in and miss out lots of details. It's called selective attention and is an easily measured phenomenon. Here's a fun example of it;

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Re: Just a little exercise
Post # 5
Very true, our brains do in fact miss out on a lot because of the fact that we do not actively pay attention to what's going on around us. As far as divination is concerned, I wasn't saying that the exercise was to practice divination, I was simply stating how it was of a divination nature. Because of the fact that you were implying that this exercise is to be more perceptive, and the fact that you said that it would help in understanding why ones spell didn't work, which I assume meant you can were trying to find out the unknown, I immediately thought it was somehow related to divination.
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Re: Just a little exercise
Post # 6
True, the divination can certainly come to play in this practice, but it is not primarily designed to practice divination. If You are interested in this, i have another simple exercise for You.
All You need is a deck of poker cards.
Just shuffle it, choose one and try to guess what is it. Practice makes perfect ;)
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