Having a void.

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Having a void.
Post # 1
So, many people in my group can read auras. Each person says that instead of having an aura, I have a void or a wall. They say that energy can't affect me. A friend that wasn't aware of this had said something about it out of nowhere. I was wondering if this is a common thing or if anyone has come across this before?
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Re: Having a void.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
that would most likely mean you have a strong aura output basically if you don't get what i'm saying than its something like throwing a paper plane at the sun it will be incinerated way before reaching the target
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Re: Having a void.
Post # 3

While it could be that, it also could be that some people simply don't "click" or resonate with others and it might be that your energy resonates with energy they don't resonate with. Think about the things you practice vs what they do or behavior, mannerisms, interests, and who you are at the core. It gives you something to explore.

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Re: Having a void.
Post # 4
It might a resonance problem but it could also be that your aura is so much bigger than their's that can't fully comprehend it like they do among themselves so they see it like something's block their view or that there's nothing there
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Re: Having a void.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I would perceive it as merely being strong on the defense. You are likely someone that doesn't trust people very readily and has mental defenses built on mental defenses creating a barrier that prevents people from reading you. It good and bad. It's good because you will be naturally less influenced by others. But it also means that you may feel alone and have trouble keeping friends and finding a lasting relationship due to your inability to "open up" to people and create links that weave strong bonds.
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