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Black Temple Social-net
Post # 1
The Black Temple is:

The Black Temple has been designed as a social network for magicians, seekers of truth & enlightenment, and to learn the art of magick. Individuals are encouraged to take part and share what they are currently working on, to assist each other, and to make this a glorious community of knowledge.

Each user may set their Status. You can use it to announce what you are presently working on, for instance!

Users can comment on each other's profiles and message each other privately.

The Black Temple makes available free resources for the aspiring master magus. Resources such as freely available PDF Ebooks, meditations, sigils (both angelic & demonic), and wisdom of the ancient philosophers, and tutorials for different works of energy manipulation & magical operations.

Soon, users may be able to upload and share their own spells, guides, images, and whatever they desire to share with others!

I absolutely love Tarot, and my personal notes on the Tarot may be found. These are quite detailed.

Many of my personal magical notes are, and will be, shared with others. Magick is my passion and my notes are quite exhaustive.

The Black Temple is a blog, documenting the account of one magician's quest for knowledge. Read about my path to knowledge & power. Learn from my successes and my mistakes

Learn from and be inspired by a magician who is willing to share his personal experiences.

The Black Temple offers absolutely free instruction material that one can utilize if they so choose to acquire knowledge and skills. The instruction material is based upon both intellectual knowledge and practical application thereof. Anyone may begin with no knowledge; with diligence, may work their way up to being a powerful wielder of magick!

This instruction is based upon Thelema and the A.'.A.'.; the Tree of Life and the Paths therein. This is also quite entwined with Qabalah.

On the site, I have written a guide to the various social-networking features of the Black Temple and their usage:

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Re: Black Temple Social-net
Post # 2
This sounds interesting, but is it actually a blog or a social network? You said both titles in your post so I'm a bit confused. I'll check out your blog and you can check it mine, if you wish. It's in my profile links.
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Re: Black Temple Social-net
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

There is a difference between "Social Networks" and Blogs. Social Networks as in it's name "Social" is to communicate to other members. Social Networks are websites that allow their members to communicate with each other. Spells of Magic is considered a social network.

Blogs are informative, they usually someones views on particular topics. Blogs are mostly not communitive with other members. They are not considered social networks.

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Re: Black Temple Social-net
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

It appears to be a brand new social network with little content as yet in its forums. There are also some places on there for articles and resources which are also still under construction.

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