How do I curse paper?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> How do I curse paper?

How do I curse paper?
Post # 1
I found the birth certificate of someone I hate in a relative's house. This relative hates them too, and so do all of my known family members. I want to know if I curse it if it will affect this person? The relative which holds the certificate also received a condolences card from someone she hates too and knows it was just to rub salt in the wound. Will it have the same effect? Also how do I curse these pieces of paper? Any help will be welcome, as both of these people had a negative effect on the person in my family who has died recently.
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Re: How do I curse paper?
Post # 2
I would also like to add that I want others to be cursed by this too as their names are mentioned on the card, and also a letter where a distant relative confesses to doing something terrible to a close relative of mine.
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Re: How do I curse paper?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

So before you go trying out curses, how much do you actually know about magic and how it works? If you aren't an experienced magic worker than it is likely that one of two outcomes is likely. 1) the curse won't work at all...or 2) it will backfire on you and cause pain for you instead.

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Re: How do I curse paper?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
the question is that of someone insufficient in magic knowledge i wouldn't do the curse because like said above it will probably backfire, or rather misfire at you before your even done casting the spell magic takes hard work and concentration you cant just go im gonna curse somebody with no prior experience in magic and then be done with it, and seriously im not one to talk but that sounds just childish to keep a grudge against someone im not saying forgive and forget, but if you let a enemy in to your mind and then let the enemy stay there you will have lost the war
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Re: How do I curse paper?
Post # 5
The fact that you have this persons "birth certificate" of all things and don't know what to do with it proves you lack of experience. Having an item such as that is actually a great thing to have in the process of cursing them however 1.) There are better things to use even if you might not be able to acquire them from this person and 2.) You have no idea what to do with it in the first place. I will not question your ethics on the situation but I will say that you should research first, always research first. When you first find out the items place in the curse then you may discover how to affect this person.
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Re: How do I curse paper?
Post # 6
Charge the paper with your energy and utilize the
paper as a psychic link to the individual.Just imagine
your energy surrounds your hand as a dimly visible
field of liquid glass, place your hand upon the paper
and let your energy engulf it, blank your mind and form a connection to the individual and begin to send
out a stream of thought and feeling influencing the
person and their life.This is only a plain and simple
method, one may surround the paper with accursed imagery for instance and perform a similar meditation.
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Re: How do I curse paper?
Post # 7
Before you decide to use a curse make sure your actions in doing so are justified, from what i read this is just wanting revenge out of pure spite.

Birth certificates wont be as dramatic in curses as you believe, the only thing of value to a curse on there are the signatures, if it's even original.
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