Why not health?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Why not health?

Why not health?
Post # 1
Every time i ask for a spell related to health, i get "just go see a doctor". Its not like im asking to be transformed into something that doesnt exist! Ive ask for spells to get rid of BPD and ones to make it quicker for someone with brittle bone syndrome to heal broken bones. Why would these be unrealistic if its not fantasy?
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Re: Why not health?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It's unrealistic to completely rely on spells for healing. While spells can be a great boost, and are extremely helpful, they aren't going to cure mental/physical illness on their own. People recommend for you to see a doctor because, in some countries, giving advice is illegal unless you're certified. We could easily get in trouble ourselves, and you could have more problems than before.

Just like how magick isn't going to give you the power to shoot fire out of your hands, it also isn't a miracle cure-all.
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Re: Why not health?
Post # 3
As said, you cannot rely on magics for everything. Often the best cure for a problem is a simple one!
I do understand where you are coming from. My mother suffers greatly from severe scoliosis, arthritis, anemia, nerve pain and fibroids. There is nothing the doctors can do so I have recently been performing spells to attempt to relieve her pain. I am not sure which path you follow (I'm an eclectic Wiccan) but simple prayer and meditation may be your best bet! Blessed be. :)
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Re: Why not health?
Post # 4
Seconding the "magic isn't a cure all" notion. However, holistic medicine - which can also incorporate spiritual elements - might be something you'd be interested in checking out.

In the case of BPD, there isn't a spell per say that will get rid of it; it's a brain chemistry issue. Healthy diet and harmony with mental/emotional being helps immensely, but sometimes medication and therapy is also required to help manage it. Same thing can be said in line with osteogenesis imperfecta. Considering both are serious diseases that involve complicated health risks, the best bet is to consult a professional. Small things like meditation and herbal regimes can help and be in line with the magical healing aspect of things, but comprehensive treatment from a professional is also important and, in most cases, necessary to ensure a better quality of living.
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Re: Why not health?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
In the past, witchcraft (or magic if you like!) was very good at curing minor illnesses, stitching wounds, setting broken bones,etc. But many illnesses are caused by the modern life we live now! Magic has no chance against those. Even in "old times" although a witch could cure much; a witch wouldn't be able to understand such as cancer; or "falling down sickness" (Epilepsy).
But witchcraft did a great deal of healing (as did monks!), and certainly laid down the foundations of modern medicine. But there are times when "magic" is simply not enough, and modern medicine is needed.That is why members of SoM will often say, "You must see a doctor!"
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Re: Why not health?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
It depends. Back in the day, spells were medicine, but the new advancements in medicine, new cures have been found. Magick isn't useless, but it might be wiser to see a doctor for cancer instead of drinking chamomile tea. [Both can be used to increase your chances of success.] Personally, it's the situation, a cold can be cured by spells and home remedies, but a broken leg should probably be seen by a doctor over a Reiki specialist.
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