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Need help
Post # 1
Dose anyone know if there is a real spell out there that helps u unlock ur hidden powers or what ever u like to call it, if u know a spell that is similar please help me
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Re: Need help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I don't know what You mean by 'hidden powers' but you don't use a spell. If you are referring to things like talents, spiritual understanding, spell casting, or 'enlightenment' then it's not a spell you need. Things of this nature requires soul searching, research, and practice, a spell won't grant them, it's a journey you should take.

Look into meditation to help you connect with your inner self, or deities, it can also help with many different things spiritually and health wise. I don't know your path but pick up some books by reputable authors to help you learn. Once you have footing, practice, live a 'magickal' life every day [I say magickal because I don't know your path, but whatever it is, live by its teachings the best way you can]
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Re: Need help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
And please write "you" and "your"; not U and UR! That sort of text is not really allowed on this site.
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Re: Need help
Post # 4
If you were referring to psychic abilities then there are several methods of finding your own. (Telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, etc.) I don't think there's a spell to achieve this but simply several exercises to discover your own psychic abilities. Good luck!
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Re: Need help
Post # 5
I do need help I found out via reader that my fianc? has been cursed before he met me and also by another woman while we have been dating now his past is affecting our future DOUBLE I need a sure fire hex breaker the reader wants to charge me 818$ to fix it but because of this awful hex we are both struggling financially can anyone help with suggestions or advice?
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