New life spells

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New life spells
Post # 1
I'm about to move to a new area to get a fresh start and wondered if anyone could suggest any spells that I might be able to use to help me move forward? I've been stuck in a negative rut for a while and really want to turn things around so I don't take that negative energy into my new life
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Re: New life spells
Post # 2
First off, do a banishing ritual, and then cleanse yourself. It is nice your moving, for you now have a chance to incorporate a new you.

First do a banish spell, get rid of the gunk, and junk. New years is coming you, and today is the Litha/Yule solstice. I suggest then doing a positive spell, like fertility, and success. Success spells can increase your version, and goal coming true.

Most of all, start with you. Think positive instead of, negative. Think before your actions, and words. This is a crucial part. Make sure you also believe, and forget about it the baggage.
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Re: New life spells
Post # 3
Thank you so much :)
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Re: New life spells
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Apollo makes some great points. To get rid of the energy, cleanse/banish and protect yourself and your new home to keep any lingering negativity out. Daily shielding and energy work can get rid of any gunk which might of stuck to your throughout the day.

Your more daunting task is keeping the negativity away. Most negativity is self inflicted so work on a positive outlook [we all have glum days, that's fine, try not being misery guts daily. If it seems impossible, seek professional help] also try to learn to let things roll off you. Someone cuts you off, take a deep breath and don't take it personal. When you keep thinking about that person who 'deliberately cut me off' you will start to see the negative and soon you will invite it back into your life. I suggest a journal and daily meditation. It helps to understand yourself better so you can catch yourself in the downward spiral and fix things before you crash and have a 'bad day'.
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